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From: "Patrick SCHOULLER" 
	  trois projets IST en cours SHIFT - ATHENA - COGAIN  s'ouvrent
  de nouveaux partenaires / date limite 16 & 30 mars 2005 /

La procédure du programme IST permet à certains projets qui l'avaient prévu au
moment du dépot de leurs propositions, de s'adjoindre en cours de route de
nouveaux partenaires pour traiter de nouvelles tâches. Ils doivent pour cela
lancer des appels complémentaires ( Competitive calls).

Il y a déjà eu le projet CLINICIP qui a procédé ainsi, ce sont maintenant
nouveaux projets qui ont lancé en février ces appels dont vous trouverez
ci-dessous les informations

Competitive calls

Three calls for new partners in existing Information Society Technologies
projects have been launched this month:

The project SHIFT Smart High-Integration Flex Technologies requires the
participation of a new project partner 
(http://www.vdivde-it.de/portale/shift/calls) to carry out Large Area Panel
(LAP) processing tasks. HiCOFlex (http://www.hightec.ch/index1.html) processes
shall be transferred to existing 12” x 12” or 24” x 24” facilities. Expansion
of LAP processes to the processing of polyimide, sputtering and
photolithographic processing of conductors shall be developed. A defined
set of
process steps shall be carried out. This call for additional partner closes on
16th March 2005

The IST Integrated Project ATHENA - Advanced Technologies for Interoperability
of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and their Application requires the
participation of new partners to carry out certain project tasks. The ATHENA
Integrated Project focuses on information technologies for enterprise
interoperability in support of the IST Strategic Objective “Networked business
and governments”.

This Call
concerns a sub-project within an existing project (Activity B3) of the ATHENA
Integrated Project. Activity B3 is one of six projects in Action Line B, with
the overall objective  lay the foundation for long-term research into
enterprise interoperability from a business perspective. The Sub-Project work
therein is expected to make a major contribution towards two results of
Activity B3, including Business Interoperability Framework and
Impact Analysis Model. Therefore the competent contractors need to address and
contribute to identifying the strategic business challenges relating to
interoperability and providing & applying a general model to ATHENA, so as to
determine and assess the impact of interoperability on businesses. The
contractors also need to contribute to other key results of Activity B3. The
Call will be closed on 17h00 Brussels time, 30 March 2005.

The IST project COGAIN Communication by Gaze Interaction is looking for up to
five new partners. (http://www.cogain.org/call) Profiles sought for these new
partners include developers of eye communication applications, tracking
solutions, interfaces, language models for text entry, organisations with
direct contact to people suffering from motor neuron disease, organisations
specialised in the exploitation of eye gaze technologies and applications.

COGAIN is an FP6 Network of Excellence aiming at a durable integration of
European activities related to the use of eye gaze technologies to help in the
communication of special user groups, especially those suffering from motor
neuron diseases. The call opens on 23rd February 2005 and will close at
17h00 on
30th March 2005.

Basic details about these and all other IST projects can of course be found on
the project fact sheets.(http://www.cordis.lu/ist/projects/projects.htm)

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