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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Tue May 11 09:02 MET 1999
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: National Institute for R&D in Informatics, Bucharest, Romania
  recherche des partenaires pour les programmes communautaires


We are the members of a team of the National Institute for R&D in
Informatics, Bucharest, Romania. Our object of activity is the research in
the field of Internet services development and internetworking solutions.

Current research interest:

- architectures for distributed applications (OMG CORBA, Java, intelligent
agents, cooperative multiagent systems, mobile agents)
- World Wide Web applications (cgi, applets, multimedia, javascript client
and server side)
- computer networks management, inteligent networks management
- data bases applications (build dynamic Web pages with the informations
stored in databases: teleshoping applications, video on demand applications);
- studies and solution  for the implementation and development of the
telework activity (from the telework centre or mobile workplace)
- software solutions development for telework activities improvement
(related to this the development of  solutions for teletrade and
telecooperation - project management applications, workflow applications,
broker for jobs related to telework activities);
- Business Process Reengineering in teletrade context (evaluate current
processes in terms of service quality, workflow, cost, information
technology, people, organisation and management systems)
- Object-Oriented methodologies of the business process

As recents accomplishments I can mention:

- participation of the COPERNICUS projects (1994-1995):
* ESATT+(European Science and Technology Transfer Network),
* INSIGHT (Information Systems Integrated by using Global Hypermedia Technology)
* RICE (elaboration of an Regional Information Centre) involving software
development, system management and awareness activities
- participation at the the ABROSE (Agent  based Brokerage Services in
Electronic Commerce) project (in progress); the technical activity involves:
* participation at  the elaboration of the specifications (the specification
for the Offers Administration - actors, use cases, functional sequence
diagram, HTML pages for offer registration and Offer propagation)
* participation at the design and implementation of the MAS (Multi Agent
System)- component of the Broker.
- development of the solutions for telecommerce (business to bussiness and
business to customer)
- design and management of the Romanian web server
(http://www.ici.ro/romania), ICI web server (http://www.ici.ro), Romanian
Telelwork Activity (http://www.ici.ro/romania/telework)
- organization of the Romanian Internet-fiesta event
- elaboration of the National Research Studies related to the promotion of
the telework activities in Romania; one of them was dedicated to the
development of solutions for the social integration of the persons with
handicaps and disabilities (in collaboration with the Romanian National
Society of Handicaped Persons;

We would like to find a partner for FP5  European Commision Programme in the
field of our current research interest domains mentioned above.

Delia Chiricescu
National Institute for R&D in Informatics
Address: 'Maresal Averescu' Avenue, 8-10, sect. 1, Bucharest

e-mail: delia@sysnetl.ici.ro delia@indis.ici.ro
phone (office): +40-1-224 03 06; +40-1-224 07 36, ext. 123
fax (office): +40-1-224 05 39
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