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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Thu Mar 18 19:18 MET 1999
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: research group at Dresden University of Technology (Germany)
  working in the field of autostereoscopic visualisation SEARCH FRENCH


We are a research group at Dresden University of Technology (Germany)
working in the field of autostereoscopic visualisation.

Up to now we have accomplished three different types of prototypes with
high application maturity:
10.4" VGA-LCD stereo monitor
21" VGA plasma stereo monitor
20.1" SXGA -LCD stereo monitor

Our core experience and expertise is in the field of R&D of
autostereoscopic 3D displays - The Dresden 3D Display. This display is
based on the stereoscopic visualisation of two images being separated by an
splitter in front of a standard flat panel display.

By the help of a real-time camera-based image capturing and
processing system the observer position (eye pupils detection) is
determined. By the help of this position the necessary observer tracking is
carried out mechanically.

The observer needs no aid like glasses, spots or helmtes.

We have know-how in the following fields:

-- R&D of autostereoscopic displays in a broad field

-- algorithmic developments in real time imaging, 3D registration, and

-- Expertise and experience in 3D and augmented reality professional SW
products development

-- HW design (relying on off the shelf products) .

-- Expertise and experience in developing HW for real time video analysis.

-  Visual user interface

The application of our Autostereodisplay is possible in quite different
fields.Therfore we do not have enough knowledge to have new project ideas.
Therefore our aim is to find interested partners who have advantage using
such a display to reach better visualisation of their three-dimensional
data. we would be very glad if you could help us to find a consortia
intersted to apply a new cutting edge visualisation technology.

As you probably know, glassless 3D display are not yet at the market place.

Manfred Kummer
Dresden University of Technology
Dept. Computer Science
Research Group 3D Display
D-01062 Dresden/Germany

phone:	+49.351.463 8405
fax.	+49.351.463 8313
email:	mk22@inf.tu-dresden.de
                        Patrick SCHOULLER
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