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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: CMSL - Centre for the Mastering of Systems and Software, part
	of the CNAM.(Conservatoire National des Arts et
	=?iso-8859-1?Q?Métiers?=  :a public educational and R&D institution) is
  ready to cooperate at the EU level in R & D programs


Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de la recherche et de la technologie
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

CMSL - Centre pour la Maîtrise des Systèmes et du Logiciel (Centre for the
Mastering of Systems and Software)
292 Rue Saint-Martin 75141 Paris Cedex 3 France
Secrétariat CMSL: Mme Jacqueline PUJOL
Tel : 01 40 27 22 58, Fax : 01 40 27 23 77, e-mail : pujol@cnam.fr
Web site: http://www.cnam.fr/CMSL

Contact points :

Dr. Nicolas Trèves, e-mail : treves@cnam.fr
Prof. Jacques Printz, e-mail : printz@cnam.fr

About the Centre:

The CMSL is part of the CNAM.(Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers),
a public educational and R&D institution, focussing on the study of all
aspects of complex system engineering, where software is the federating and
key factor (Software Intensive Systems).

It is a membership based organisation, with support from public
institutions and industry but independent from particular commercial
interest's. It cooperates with R&D institutes whenever appropriate, and
focuses on matters of practical interest and industrial relevance. CMSL
best serves this goal by pooling it's own resource with those of it's members

Mission of the CMSL

The mission of the CMSL covers two major aspects: "Education and training"
and "Applied Research".

Technical domains covered by the CMSL ( in the field of Software intensive

* Management and procurement strategies.
* System and Software architectures.
* Interoperability of Information Systems.
* Quality Assurance and Process Engineering:

CMSL Deliverables.

* Education and training: Regular training activity covering the above
mentioned topics.
* Publications, Events and Workshops.
* Joint projects: partly financed by national or European public
administrations and partly by the industry.

Role of CMSL within IST

To be an assistant contractor of a project in charge of :
* Dissemination and training activities
* R&D contributions in line with the technical domains covered by CMSL.

CMSL interest will be the following key actions and actions lines :
II.2,II.3,II.4, IV.2, IV.3, CPA1, CPA2, CPCO, VIII.1.1, VIII.2.1, VIII.3.1

Nicolas Trèves
CNAM - Chaire de Génie Logiciel
2 Rue Conté - 75141 Paris Cedex 03
Tel : 01 40 27 20 38 - Fax : 01 40 27 28 45
e-mail : treves@cnam.fr

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