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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Fri Apr 16 10:41 MET 1999
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Advanced Informatics (PME grecque)cherche partenaires pour
  projet commerce electronique securise


Advanced Informatics is an SME company located in Greece, Patra that
possesses major knowledge on the exploitation of WWW in every-day
life, and also investigates the potential usage of the emerging
multimedia technologies in innovative applications.

In the context of e-commerce Advanced Informatics has tried & used
emerging technologies concerning secure transactions through Internet.
Advanced Informatics has used and developed sites concerning secure
sales through Internet with user-friendly environments. The latest
goal is the design & implementation of a City-based Virtual Mall. In
this project the customers may have interactive communication with the
stores of their area and can also buy goods, through a Virtual 3D
environment. On the other hand salesmen may make on-line updates of
their stock and prices. This project is going to be implemented using
VRML 2.0 and the first prototype will be ready in year 2000.

We are trying to get support of this project through the 5th
Framework Programme. If you are also interested in participating in
such a project we will be glad to receive an expression of interest
from you. As a second step we can send you a more detailed
description about the VMALL proposal.

Sincerely Yours

Ioannis Calemis
|           Ioannis Calemis           |
|       Computer System Engineer      |
|       Advanced Informatics Ltd.     |
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