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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: L'Universite polonaise de LODZ offre ses competences en
  commerce electronique pour des projets communautaires


Electronic Commerce (EC) is sharing business information, maintaining
business relationships, and conducting business transactions by means of
telecommunications networks. EC enables new way of competition and
co-ordination thus changing the ways in which individuals and organisations
exchange goods and services.
A close economic co-operation with countries of the European
Union is an important topic for our future. We know that electronic
commerce will help us to support cross-border business relations and, as a
consequence, to improve the business relations with enterprises of the
European Union. We expect that a new ways of doing business will an
important factor in the economic growth.

We are very interested in exchanging knowledge and experiences with
enterprises and universities in the EU.  This would be very helpful for the
further development of the research work of the Department of Systems
Analysis and Design at the University of Lodz. Especially the exchange of
results of already conducted research work and future research projects with
other European centres of electronic commerce would be strengthen the
competence of our university in this area. We are very much interested in
taking part in a common research project within the 5th EU Framework
Programme. The European dimension of the project would help us to further
integrate our work into the work of organisations within the European Union.

Our Department of Systems Analysis and Design at the University of  Lodz is
since 1993 directly involved in EDI and EC problems. We have many contacts
with various institutions in Poland and abroad which are interested in the
same area. We provide seminars concerning EDI and EC for our students. We
prepare master and doctor thesis in this subject as well. In the end of
1995 our first doctor was promoted due to the dissertation entitled: "Use of
EDI in the Polish automotive industry". The next doctor thesis "Financial
EDI in Poland" was finished in 1997. In 1998 our Department was very active
in problems connected with legal aspects of Electronic Commerce. We have
prepared a report concerning harmonisation of the Polish law with the legal
regulations in European Union in the context of Electronic Commerce. The
report was ordered by the PHARE programme (within EU).
As regards our technical infrastructure we are in possession of a quite new
computer equipment (a Hewlett Packard server and "strong" terminals)
installed for teachers and research-workers in their rooms. We have also an
Electronic Commerce laboratory  (for students) installed in the biggest room
at our Department.

>From 1993 we organise in Lodz our yearly Polish National EDI/EC Conferences.
This year will be held the 7th one. Conferences are attended by delegates
representing various branches of the Polish economy (foreign trade,
transport, industry, customs, tourism, banks), universities, public
administration and public services (like for example health service). Papers
by Polish and foreign experts (from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech,
France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal,
Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, U.S.A., European Union and United Nations)
were presented. All official papers have been published in the Conference
Proceedings. Every conference is accompanied by an exhibition of modern
EDI/EC products and services. The aim of  the exhibition is to confront the
theory presented in papers with a real offer attainable on the market.
We can offer our yearly National EDI/EC Conferences in Lodz as a forum for
dissemination of future co-operation results obtained from participation in
the 5th Framework Programme of EU in the area of Electronic Commerce.

Centre for the Study of Electronic Commerce
Department of Systems Analysis and Design
School of Economy and Sociology
University of Lodz
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