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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Wed May 12 10:17 MET 1999
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: la municipalité de TJORNS (Suède) se propose comme partenaire


Dear Colleague

Our municipality intend to submit a proposal within the 5th framework
programme, first activity, 1.1.2 User friendly Information society ,

(IST -Programme), action line 1.4.1." Systems enhancing the efficiency and
user-friendliness of administrations "

We invite you to join us in the project if you find the idea interesting

Our role in the project

We are interested in being a co-ordinator or just a participant in the project.

Our project idea

What is the problem?

"The inhabitants of a municipality have difficulty to reach information on
what is going on in the municipality. The information is very often
inaccessible and hard to understand. You can't find all information gathered
in its right place. It is also difficult to search information. The citizens
don't know where and to whom they shall go in the municipality to get the
right information. Often they have to ask more than one person in the same
matter. There is no natural forum to have a debate and public information.
The citizens are often not informed until afterwards what kind of decisions
that have been taken in the community.

What will we do?

Our intention with this project is to increase the citizens possibilities to
participate in systems which improve the public authorities efficiency and
availability. In order to do this we will increase the use of Information
technology. The work can be divided into two main areas. One area is related
to communication directly on internet. The citizens will be able to chat
with politicians, decentralise decision taken, coffee shop with politicians
and mail questions . In the other area which concerns technique our
intention is to improve the WebPages of the municipality with easily
accessible information: For instance the inhabitants can bring home board
meeting documents, protocols, and forms for day care and building permit.
The citizens will be able to get information on a national, local or
regional level either directly on one platform in the "medborgarkontor", or
have the possibility to choose between, telephone and internet."

As I said before if this idea interest you please come back to me very soon.

Folke Brolin

Project manager

Tel + 46 304 67 90 52

Fax + 46 304 67 91 74

Email: folke.brolin@telia.com

Internet: http:// www.sto-regionen.com



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