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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Thu Jan  7 19:36 MET 1999
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 19:28:22 +0100 (CET)
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory RECHERCHE DES PARTENAIRES


My organisation is CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), a research
institute with turnover of approximately 100M, and a very strong emphasis
on commercial/industrial work.  RAL is a member of ERCIM, the European
Research Consortium in IT and Mathematics.  RAL is the home of the UK Office
of W3C, the World-Wide Web Consortium, and a founder member of W3C.  We have
good contacts with UK and European industry and extensive experience in
successful European projects.

The areas where we would like to contact potential partners in the IST
programme are:

Corporate knowledge management

We would like to form a consortium to develop "management flight simulators"
- learning environments simulating the results of behaviours, strategies and
decisions so that relationships and consequences may be understood.  The
benefits are creation, distribution and preservation of knowledge in
organizations through use of knowledge-based simulations with
exploratory/"what if" functions, for example in marketing, product and
competitor knowledge.  We aim to develop platforms (methods and software)
for management flight simulators, and validate them in the working

We are also interested in discrete agent simulations to model and understand
the emergence of properties in business environments, applied to areas such
as financial analysis, marketing, or the analysis of "hits" (in recorded
music, films and FMCGs).  We wish to develop a methodology and tools for the
systematic application of emergent properties simulation, and their
real-world validation.

Dynamic networked organisations (or related topics such as new market
mediation systems) -------------------------------

The work programme stresses the need for modelling of organisations and the
development of methods and tools.  We have expertise in the development of
knowledge-based models of systems and their use in simulation, and we would
like to form a proposal to develop these
approaches and validate them.  We have developed methods and models applied
to the process of requirements engineering, and to physical as well as
abstract systems.  We are experienced in different types of representation
and reasoning, such as model-based, heuristic and case-based.

Environment risk and emergency management

We have extensive experience in developing systems for decision support in
industrial applications, most recently a system for flood control in the
city of Bordeaux (with Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux).  We would like to form a
proposal in a demanding application of risk assessment/emergency management,
where there may be problems of information overload, shortage of expertise,

We are looking for industrial partners, in either the user or developer
role, or research institutes with good links to industry.

The contact email addresses are:
	Simon Lambert, S.C.Lambert@rl.ac.uk
	Dr. Gordon Ringland, G.A.Ringland@rl.ac.uk

With thanks,
	Simon Lambert
	Knowledge Engineering Group
	Department for Computation and Information
	CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
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	Fax +44 1235 445831
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