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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: french partner search partner on the subject :A Virtual Center
  for Disabled



MEDIASOURCE : A Virtual Center for Disabled

Name : Isabelle Böhnke
Organisation : L'ADAPT
Department : Research and innovation
Mailing adress : Tour Essor 93, 14 rue Scandicci, 93508 Pantin France
Telephone : 33-1-48-10-12-36     Facsimile : 33-1-48-10-12-44
URL : http ://www.virazeil-ladapt.org    e-mail : bohnke.dri@ladapt.org


L'ADAPT is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization operating
in the field of social and professional integration of physically disabled
people. L' ADAPT has 41 centers in France and 1700 workers, working in four
fields : cure and education of children, functional reeducation of disabled,
training of disabled workers or unemployed and " protected " work places.
These centers have been developing through a long experience (L'ADAPT was
funded in 1929) a network of skills and practical responses to the problems
of the disabled person, taken as a whole, on its physical, psychological and
social levels.
The Direction of Research and Innovation has a goal of coordinating this
network and of studying new axis of development for fullfulling L'ADAPT's
objectives. It means :
n to provide psycho-sociological studies of education and labour issues
crossed with the study of handicap in our modern societies ;
n to collect the experiences that could help the network to improve its
actions, as well on an internal level as on an external one ;
n to coordinate european and world wide projects in which L'ADAPT cooperates
(for instance, we are involved in 12 european project PIC-EMPLOI and ADAPT-

Through several european programs, we have been developing a reflexion and
an experimentation on the use of new technologies of information and
communication applied to the needs of disabled, based on almost 10 years of
earlier experience in the application of Computer Assisted Pedagogy to
education and training. We are convinced that these tools should help them
to find their place in the Information Society.

Our project is to develop a " virtual " center, aiming at providing help to
disabled people, either in education or training, either in work places. We
intend to develop it in several steps :
1.  Analysis of the needs : we need a thorough view of how could be adapted
such a concept to the social reality of the disabled in european countries.
It means collecting what has been already developed in other european
countries and to study various teletraining and teleworking experiences and
their adequacy to main disabilities. It also means an analysis of the
interactions of technological uses with socio-cultural habits.
2.  Functional analysis of the center's organization , needed technical
ressources and human skills to make it operable on an european level.
3.  Technical design with an emphasis on :
n human-computer interface
n pedagogical, psychological and socio-cultural issues
n adequacy to the social needs of disabled people.

We are not looking for a ready-made technology , but for partners having
skills in computer sciences and which will be involved in the design process
from the beginning to the final implementation.
We are interested by skills in the following domains :
n human-computer interaction
n multimedia data bases
n organization of virtual networks applied to education and work issues.

n Ecole des Mines d'Alès, France
n CNRS, Laboratoire de Sociologie du Travail, Evry
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