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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Le National Institute for R&D in Informatics de Roumanie offre
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ICI, The National Institute for R&D in Informatics, is the leading company
in Romania in the area

of design, development, implementation and support of integrated business
software packages

and the leading romanian provider of integrated solutions  in the IT domain.

To reach twenty - eight years of existence, as the Research Institute for
Informatics fruitfully does,

makes a considerable time for having ripened into a prestigious and highly
active centre for

advanced researches in applied informatics.

The institution was happy to host, at different times, teams of researchers
who succeeded in

producing  nationally and internationally recognised research works in such
areas as: distributed

processing and computer networks, large scale and hierarchical, process
control and real-time

systems, DDS, mathematical modelling and fuzzy systems, CAD of advanced
control and

identification systems, artificial intelligence, expert systems,
computational linguistics, information

systems design, databases.

Current activities are devoted to:

? advanced research and applied research in IT;

? dissemination of the research results;

? analysis, design, programming and implementation of large-scale
information systems for

industry and public administration;

? consultancy on IT, automatic control and management (feasibility studies,

specifications for offers, modernisation studies, etc.);

? "turnkey" systems delivery upon users' requests;

? highly generalisable and applicable software development;

? training and knowledge improvement in IT;

? cost-effectiveness estimation in computing technique and standardisation
in IT;

? technical assistance on the implementation of the software products
developed by

Research Institute for Informatics and by other software

? houses, information and documentation in IT.

The company offers wide range of software solutions, from business packages
to large scale

integrated solutions, taking advantage of the most recent developments in
IT. Furthermore, ICI is

committed to the development of advanced software solutions: multi-tier,
distributed, object-

oriented, internet-enabled systems form the company's portfolio.

The R&D departments in ICI group span their projects over a wide spectrum of
research areas,

covering software technologies, data and knowledge bases, advanced internet
technologies and

specific application domains.

The Research Institute for Informatics is associate member of the European
Software Institute.

? 25% of the last 3 years' annual turnover coming from export contracts and
partnerships in

international research projects

? Partner in 29 EU (EC-PECO and COPERNICUS) projects since 1993

? Participation in EU ESPRIT Working Groups, Networks of Excellence and
Joint Research


? Bilateral co-operation agreements with SEMA GROUP France, DIGITAL France,

DataCentralen Denmark, INTERGRAPH USA, CNRS LAAS Toulouse France, SIVECO

France,. SINORG France, Ingegneria Informatica Italy, GMD FOKUS Germany, SQW

Cambridge UK, Bentley Systems USA, IBM Austria, Fraunhofer IITB Germany,
Ernst &

Young France. Associate member of the European Software Institute (ESI)

? 60 memberships in international scientific bodies and associations

? Member in the TERENA and CEENet European organisations; 3 international

(2Mb, 128Kb and 64Kb)

? Publisher of the International Journal "Studies in Informatics and Control"

The technical staff includes:

300 highly qualified researchers, analysts and programmers grouped in 25

14 Ph doctors and 16 Ph candidates, 2 members of the Romanian Academy and 3

members of the New York Academy of Sciences.

The computing equipment platform consists of SUN-SPARC 10 client/server
workstations, SUN

SPARC 5, Silicon Graphics/Extreme, DEC Alpha Model 300, Silicon Graphics
Indy R46k, RISC

HP 740 Server, PENTIUM- Microprocessor Based PCs, IBM RISC 6000 , TD-1,

2000, VAX 730, DEC ROUTER 250, IBM- compatible PC 586,486,386,286, 6 UNIX

platforms (SUN, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett-Packard, DEC, IBM, UNISYS) and
more than 200

PCs, all connected to INTERNET via RNC

The Information Society Technologies (IST) programme, offers the best
opportunity for

strengthening the collaboration of research institutes, universities, IT&C
companies and final

users.  Under the framework of IST, ICI is determined to develop innovative
products and

services and undertake leading-edge technology and consulting projects.
More specifically ICI

focuses at the following IST actions and topics:

? Systems and services for the citizen - development of new, user-friendly
and interoperable

services and solutions in the fields of health, administrations,
environment, transport and


? New methods of work and electronic commerce - application of new practices
and methods

affecting the way people trade and work, based on technologies that ICI is
already deploying:

Business process modelling, enterprise management, electronic and internet data


? Multimedia contents and tools - development of innovative solutions in the
areas of human

language technologies, content management, access and digital preservation
of Cultural


? Essential Technologies and Infrastructures Development, deployment and
operation of

platforms supporting component-based software engineering and
knowledge-based methods

and tools.

ICI is eager to share its R&D efforts with partners from other EU and
non-member countries,

forming powerful consortia with a vision to success.

How you can contact us:


Prof. Florin Gheorghe Filip - Deputy Director - international relations

Phone: 222 37 78 / 224 07 36 ext. 135,

Fax: 224 05 39,

E-mail: filipf@u3.ici.ro
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