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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Fri Mar 19 08:21 MET 1999
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Looking for partners (5th PCRD) and joining a consortium in
  the field of computer architectures and it is a part of Heudiasyc
  laboratory UMR 6599 CNRS, Universite de Technologie de Compiegne,


>Looking for partners (5th PCRD) and joining a consortium
>Our research team is working in the field of computer architectures and it
is a part of Heudiasyc laboratory UMR 6599 CNRS, Universite de Technologie
de Compiegne, France.
>We have participated to 2 major ESPRIT programs involving real-time image
and signal processing, and distributed controllers for real-time equilibrium
control of a multi-axis 3 m high on-feet skeleton. We conducted several
industrial projects on dedicated reconfigurable hardware for image
processing (FPGA) implying commercially successful technology transfer
targets (real-time digital TV-broadcast image filtering system and
asynchronous 3-phase motor controller).
>Experience Keywords: Reconfigurable hardware for image processing (FPGA
based), DSP systems, Real-time scheduling, Image processing languages,
hardware specification for signal processing
>We are equipped with a full professional EDA/CAD package (FPGA and ASIC
synthesis simulation and synthesis).
>We are aiming to join a consortium within EU's 5th Framework Program
>>>(IST) and looking for academic and industrial partners around one of the
following challenging fields:
>- Adaptable Field programmable Gate Arrays to signal processing
application, and Application Specific Processors
>- Fault tolerant execution techniques in Real-time systems, including
remote emulation for DSP to get "safe" real-time scheduling
>- Design methodology, programming environments and execution models for
reconfigurable computing applied to signal processing
>- Multi-camera low-level image processing for localization purpose in the
field of  intelligent vehicles
>- Communication infra-structure protocols and services for intelligent
>Action Lines: IV.2.2. Real-time systems, IV.7.2. Subsystems technologies,
>I.6.1 Intelligent transport infrastructure, I.6.2, Systems for intelligent
>IV.5.4. Advanced tools and technologies for Wireless communications,
>M. Shawky                     Tel : 03 4423 4505
>UTC Heudiasyc  UMR 6599 CNRS      Fax : 03 4423 4477
>    B.P. 20529                      mailto:shawky@utc.fr
>60205 Compiègne Cedex


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