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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: "Institute of Applied Informatics" (Ukraine) propose plusieurs
  projets dont un sur l'information =?iso-8859-1?Q?géographique?=


Title           Open joint-stock company  "Institute of Applied Informatics"

Director 	Professor Anatoly A. STOGNY academician of the National Science
Academy of Ukraine and of the Russian Science Academy

Professional staff	40 employees, 6 doctors of sciences, 12 Ph.D. 	

International contacts
World Computer Society IEEE (World IEEE CS),
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM),
German Association of Informatics, Siemens Nixdorf (Germany), Science
institutes and universities of Canada, Australia, China, France, Germany,
Sweden, USA.

 Application profile 	

1. VISICOM - geographic information system.
2. MultiProject - a system for investment and financial analysis.
3. Development of hypermedia software for storage and retrieval of
historical and cultural multimedia data, Web-design.
4. Development of regional & municipal information systems.
Research and development of complex projects	1. Theory of DBMS and
analytical support systems.
2. Theory of organization and management.
3. Information retrieval and processing in hypermedia and multimedia systems.
4. Geographic DBMS and information technologies.
5. Simulation of social and economic-ecological systems.
6. Consulting on IT in Ukraine.
7. The general theory, projects, and methods for development  of Kiev State
Administration Automation Program including its departments and
infrastructure (www.kyiv-inf.kiev.ua)


1. The VISICOM is a geographic information system presentation and
management of any geographic areas. The VISICOM is used in Ukraine and in
2. The MultiProject is a software system for investment and financial analysis
of companies. The MultiProject facilitates the development of business
plans, evaluates and tests financial and investment efficiency of business
plans, analyzes their implementation, and writes reports.
3. The system for developing hypermedia environments consists of
technologies and software for construction, storage, and information
retrieval of historical and cultural multimedia data. The system was used in
the WWW-sites "Welcome to Ukraine" (www.ukraine.online.com.ua) and "Welcome
to Kyiv" (www.kyiv.com.ua);


23-b V. Vasylkivska St., 252004, Kiev, Ukraine,
tel. (380 44) 235-6064, FAX. 234-1422; www.iprinet.kiev.ua,
E-mail: stogny@iprin.kiev.ua

Geographic information system VISICOM-KIEV

VISICOM-KIEV  is a geographic information system on Kiev city which enables to:

 display an arbitrary fragment of the map of the Kiev city
 identify the location of the streets of Kiev by street name
 identify the location of an object by its mail address
 obtain information about enterprises, organizations and establishments
(name, address, phone and fax numbers) and display locations of these
objects on the city map
 make selections of enterprises, organizations and establishments in Kiev
according to the various  criterion
 create additional  information layers on city map  - layers developed by a
user of the system, which are necessary for solving his own tasks  in
VISICOM-KIEV environment
 select data in such additional (private) information  layers
 print the required fragments of the map together with attributes of
particular object of information or private layer.

The digital city map  includes a territory within administrative borders of
Kiev city.
The map is presented in vector format and includes number of layers, such as
built up areas, buildings, forests, parks, rivers, lakes, railways lines and
so on, that make background map  of city. The objects of information layers
are displayed on this background map.
Unlike the layers which make up background map  of city, for information
layers one can browse the lists of objects and obtain information on every
object of arbitrary information layer, select objects by different
criterion, display objects found on the map having possibility to pick up by
blinking one or several objects on the map. The user can identify any object
of information layers displayed on the map with mouse click on it.

The information layers of VISICOM-KIEV system include the layers of:

  administrative districts of the city
  streets of the city (over 1900 streets)
  buildings' mail addresses (about 37000 addresses)
  enterprises, organizations and establishments
  transport  network of the city  - location of metro stations,  routes of
trams and  trolleybuses, railway station and platforms as well as schemes of
complex road crossings
  main sights of the city

The user of the VISICOM-KIEV can create as many of his own information
layers as he needs and define for each of this layers the corresponding
record structure. Hence the private information layer being created, the
user can add records into it, modify records' attributes and delete records.

VISICOM-KIEV operates in  WINDOWS 3.1, WINDOWS 95, 98 and WINDOWS NT
environment. Computer configuration: IBM PC-compatible with Pentium
processor, from 8 Mb of RAM, about 100 Mb of free space on HD,  CD-ROM or
IOMEGA-ZIP drive,  SVGA-monitor, laser jet  or ink jet printer.
The system of VISICOM-KIEV is registered in State Agency of Ukraine under
the author's and adjacent rights. The certificate ?? ? 231  from 25.08.1998.

MultiProject 2.0 -
Project Analysis and Management System

The system is a software for project analysis and has additional features in
estimation of:
 Effectiveness and perspectives of current enterprise business;
 Enterprise business in different variable external conditions;
 Enterprise development projects;
 Estimation of enterprise influence to the environment (atmosphere pollutants).
MultiProject 2.0 system estimates:
ü Risk of investments;
ü Task schedule of the main company and its daughter companies;
ü Consequences of task schedule changes,
ü Values of expenses and earnings;
ü Influence of currencies course change on the project results;
ü And allows to avoid mistakes in your business and to increase revenues on
Project analysis is performed by reports on:
Income; Cash Flow; Balance; Net Present Value and 18 other indices.
Data presentation periodicity: week, month, quarter, year.

Main features of the system:
The system reflects conditions of post-socialist countries.
Project description - project, subproject, subproject task, Gantt chart and
task dependencies presentation. Copying of subprojects and projects.
Maintenance of two currencies and their exchange rate change. Weekly of
exchange rate for the first year of the project.
Monthly Inflation rate for the project items.
Maintenance of delayed and ahead of schedule tasks, unforeseen expenses.
Assets and liabilities movement estimating.
Maintenance of changing sales strategy including seasonal or irregular prices.
Production cost - maintenance of data per unit of a product.
Raw materials and intermediate products - choice of expenditures item for
each product.
Reserve stocks in per cents of the volume.
Maintenance of changing personnel data.
Allocating expenses items including their seasonal changes.
Credit and deposit movement description, maintenance of leasing and stock
Taxes  - tax rate change; choice of taxation base.
Tools to print detailed results on separate project items.

Nowadays Ukraine is widely opened to international collaboration.
Unfortunately, World Commonwealth knows not enough about Ukraine.
Proposed WWW-sites are the part of Ukrainian National Program "Developing
and creating information and telecommunication infrastructure of state for
integration of Ukraine into the global information common wealth" (The open
world"). These sites represent Ukraine as a country with an ancient culture,
power scientific and technical potential, peaceful and industrious people.
They support two languages: Ukrainian and English.
Now we present such sites on Ukraine:
"Welcome to Ukraine" (www.ukraine.online.com.ua);
"Welcome to Kyiv" (www.kyiv.com.ua);
"Lost churches of Kyiv'' (www.iprinet.kiev.ua/oldkiev);
"Welcome to Ukraine"- magazine (www.wumag.kiev.ua).
Tourist sites
One of the best ways to insertion into global common wealth is integration
of country into tourism world space. We present next tourism sites:
Prolisok (www.iprinet.kiev.ua/prolisok);
Lybid (www.lybid-kiev.com.ua);
Pan Ukraine (www.panukraine.kiev.ua).

CD-ROM "Ukraine" was developed on the base of these sites.

The main goal is R&D methods and authoring tools for Internet publishing
based on eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML). Mathematical application of XML
is proposed too.
The pilot implemented authoring system contains such components as: visual
XML-editor of mathematical documents such as papers and journals
(collections of papers with corresponding layout for printing and browsing
over Internet), browser of XML-documents, transaction management system to
support document version control in distributed environments.

 PROJECT: Project Analysis and Management System
(MultiProject 2.0) for Small and Middle Enterprises in Ukraine
and Other Countries

Dr. Sergei Polumiyenko, Joint Stock Company "Institute of Applied
Informatics", Chief of Department

The project is directed:
 to develop program tools for project planning, analysis, and management in
activities of small and middle-sized enterprises in Ukraine and other
 to distribute the developed program system (working name - MultiProject
2.0) in mentioned countries.


The project is based on the following ideas, results, and experience:
 on the European experience in project, financial, and enterprises management;
 on the Ukrainian ideas and experience in development of relatively new
software for project analysis and management for small and middle-sized
enterprises including conditions of post-socialist countries;
 on the absence at European and Ukrainian markets of not large and not
expensive program tools for financial analysis and forecast of companies
 on the developed in Ukraine project analysis system MultiProject 1.0
considering as the base for development of new project analysis and
management system.

Commercial effect of the developed system

1.  Economy of time, expenses, and personal in feasibility study, project
presentation and analysis.
2.  Economy of expenses on project management.
3.  Additional possibilities in project analysis.
4.  Additional guarantees in the success of the project due to its variants
analysis and choice.
5.  Economy of time and expenses in installation and usage of large program
systems solving the same and sometimes don't solving the same (comparatively
to MultiProject 20) problems.

Tools of new program system (presented separately).

Stages of the project

1.  Development of the basic project analysis system - MultiProject 2.0.
2.  Development of tools for taxes and reports generating and project
variants comparing.
3.  Development of the basic project analysis and management system -
MultiProject 2.1.
4.  Development of the basic network project analysis and management system
- MultiProject 2.0 and 2.1.
5.  Development of additional market strategy analysis tools.
6.  Prolongation of the project (?).
Distribution of the system may be started after the finish of the second
stage of the project (approx., July-August' 99).

Dr. Sergei Polumiyenko, Institute of Applied Informatics, 23-b V.
Vasilkivska St., Kyiv, 252004, Ukraine, phone +(380 44) 234-7509, fax +(380
44) 234-1422; E-mail - sp@iprinet.kiev.ua, www.iprinet.kiev.ua.
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