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Company profile

Organization name		: GIUNTI MULTIMEDIA srl
Contact name			: Dr. Marco Bergometti
Job Title			: Marketing Director
Full address			: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 91 - 20143 Milano - Italy
Telephone number		: + 39 2 8393 374  / 408
Fax number			: + 39 2 5810 3485
Mobile phone			: + 39 335 6052 623
E-mail				: bergometti.gmm@interbusiness.it
Web site			: www.giuntimultimedia.com
				: www. artonline.it

Giunti Multimedia, founded in February 92 is the "digital arm" of Giunti
Publishing Group located in Florence since 1496.  The mission of  Giunti
Multimedia is to be digital publisher for consumer and professional markets.
The structure is composed by 22 direct peoples in the headquartes of
Milano, 12 direct peoples in the development laboratories of Genoa, 45
indirect peoples working for the Company as art directors, authors,
consultants, translators, agents.

Main areas of  competence : concepting, designing, story-boarding,
flow-charting for the development of multimedia interactive titles.
Copyrights owners and information providers; SW developers, premastering,
mastering, packaging, marketing and distribution." From the idea to the
product in the shop" this is our slogan. Titles production for MPC and  MAC
CD-ROM, CD-I, CDTV, CD32, DVD, VHS, cable TV ( At the date of January 99,
190 disks are already in the European markets).

Specific interest in co-operating with European partners: Giunti Multimedia,
as Company of a Publishing Group with  more than 500 years of history, is
interested in the development of multimedia applications, on and off-line,
in very different fields. From games to adventures, from training to
distance learning, from art to history, from science to leisure, from school
subjects to psychology, from Pinocchio to Leonardo da Vinci. The Company is
actually co-operating with the Commission of the European Communities in
We are also experts for DGXIII, DG III, DG XXII.

Company  short  profile

Giunti Multimedia is the electronic publishing arm of the Giunti Publishing
Group (Giunti) -leader in the Italian educational publishing sector -
ranking among its authors important names in the world of contemporary
culture (e.g. Le Goff, Vlad, Bernstein, Calvesi, Lavin, Argan, Hodgkin, Muti
and Nobel prize winners Rubbia, Rita Levi Montalcini, Dulbecco and Dario Fo)
and Prof. A. Ruberti as the Group President.
Giunti presently accounts for 600 employees, more than 100 Million ECUs
consolidated turnover with shares in 25 Companies covering all publishing
aspects, from conception to printing and distribution.
The latest arrival in the Giunti Group is Giunti Multimedia Entertainment
devoted to the videogame world.
After a thorough analysis of the evolution of traditional publishing towards
digital means, the Giunti Publishing Group was the first in Italy to set up
digital publishing branches in Milan and Florence in 1992.
Giunti Multimedia is one of the first digital publishers in Italy and one of
the most active in both the Italian and European markets. Giunti Multimedia
has, since the beginning, exploited multilingual and multiplatform digital
publishing in Europe producing one of Europe's widest consumer catalogues
and signing agreements with main distributors and publishers (e.g. Philips,
Olivetti, Commodore, EMME, Hachette, Editoriale La Repubblica) producing up
to now about 190 interactive multimedia titles, among which: "Pinocchio",
"Human Body", "Quizmania", "SuperTest", "European Party" (winner of the 1st
ICDIA prize in the "Teaching languages" section), "Florence, City of Art",
"Edusex" (awarded as the edutainment multimedia title of the year 1996 at
Futurshow in Bologna), the "CD-ROM Arte" series, "Edumat" (winner of the
"Leonardo award 1997" city of Parma), the Italian dictionary Sabatini
Colletti (best of Europe for MOBIUS award in 1997), "Music Park" and many
Synergies with the mother Giunti Publishing Group and Editoriale La
Repubblica have led to a really innovative publishing operation in Italian
news-kiosks: the "CD-ROM Art" collection of multimedia monographies of
famous artists. Every two months the "CD-ROM Art" sells on average 60,000
copies, each title a best seller.
The "Cézanne" title has been awarded as the best CD-ROM at the "European
Festival of Multimedia and Art" (1998).
Moreover, Giunti Multimedia is present on the web with one of the most
relevant Internet sites dealing with art (the best in Europe according to
EUROPE ON LINE). The address is .

Giunti Multimedia accounts for plus than 8,000,000 ECUs turnover in 1997
with 20 employees and an average of 50 permanent external consultants (art
directors, graphic designers, content authors, audiovisuals profs,
additional programmers).

In June 1994, Giunti Multimedia created, within the E.C. JOPP programme, a
new Joint Venture Company called Eurobaltic International Publishing in
Latvia with the aim of creating and managing a Multimedia bank of assets
from eastern authors.

Giunti Multimedia has taken part as prime contractor (c) or partner (p) in
several EU R&D projects under the programmes Esprit, Telematics, Impact2,
INFO2000, Media and Copernicus. The objectives of the projects deals with
all of the most innovative topics of information and communication
technology, from virtual reality to on-line publishing and from distance
learning to expert systems. Below, a choice of the EU projects is listed by

	ESPRIT	Vat (c), Jedi (p), Cobweb (p), Test (c), Citrone (p),
	MEDIA II 	Botticelli (c), Music Park (c)
	TASK FORCE HR	Ortelius (p)
	TASK FORCE MES	Eurodelphes (p), On-live (p)
	INFO2000	Codices (c), Eco2000 (c), Agora (p)
	COPERNICUS	Baltic (c)
	JOPP	Eurobaltic International Publishing
	TELEMATICS	Select (c), Aquarelle (p), Pair (p)

Giunti Multimedia is also funded by DG XXII,  Human Resources Task Force for
the development of both paper and CD-based deliverables (guidebooks, courses
and services directories, etc) about the European Higher Education Data Base
(Ortelius) and by DG III for the MERIT CD (a prototype for a Multimedia
Encyclopaedia on Results from the I.T. programme).
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