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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Le projet Global Environmental Disaster Information System
	Background, =?iso-8859-1?Q?mené?= par Dr. Konrad L. Zirm, Umweltbundesamt
  GmbH (Federal Environment Agency Ltd.)recherche des partenaires


Global Environmental Disaster Information System Background

Many different organizations in the field of Disaster Management. Many of
them work at the global level. For the time being there is no
institutionalized Establishment which would connect these international
organizations on-line and would ensure easy access to an automated server
providing professional disaster management information. In case of a
catastrophe valuable time might be lost (or respectively gained) while
collecting vital management/remedial information. Installing and operating
an effective information tool for these purposes is the primary goal of the
project GEDIS.
GEDIS is planned as a central, global and spatial real-time information
system using the publicly available network systems such as the INTERNET as
well as private ones (for example MERCURE/UNEPnet). By this the
technological risks, their consequences and negative impacts on the
environment in case of accidents and natural catastrophes may be addressed
more adequately and resulting damages may be diminished. In order to procure
sustainable results the project partly focuses on preventive measures and
hazard reduction.
Overview and technical description of the work
GEDIS, the Global  Environmental Disaster Information System will act as an
information integrator and provider of data and information usually
available. It is a point of contact where the first responders can centrally
access information they urgently need in fields such as
 Preparedness and training
 Crisis management
GEDIS will use the internet to transport information. We do not intended to
reinvent the wheel. On the contrary. GEDIS will make use of already
available data, information and other resources such as existing networks,
international organizations and other related projects. Special effort will
be made to obtain the best available user-friendliness in all phases of the
Therefore GEDIS meets the following requirements:

  Centralized access to special resources for first responders
 Fast and reliable system access
 Intuitive, browser oriented interfaces to
complex data sets
 Multimedia approach
 Internet based
 Bi-directional interfaces
 Use of different levels of security
 Support of human networks
 Built-in disaster relevant knowledge base
 Meta-information support
 Use of industry standards for data warehousing
 Multilingual Thesaurus support
 Interconnectivity and interoperability
to relevant sources
 Integration of modules and subsystems
 Co-operation between different telecom systems

 GEDIS also has to be flexible, expandable and adaptable with regard to
forthcoming additional services and customers needs.
The topics listed guarantee a fast user friendly interactive and reliable
access in case of emergency in order to reduce disaster costs and the number
of lives lost.

 As information carrier global networks such as MERCURE/UNEPnet and others
will be used. With the common Web-browser-technology and an intuitive
multilingual interface first responders should be able to extract in time
all relevant information., national or international emergency organizations
and concerned firms. The WebGIS- technology further developed by the
'Umweltbundesamt' (Federal Environment Agency Ltd. - Austria) together with
the establishment of a problem-oriented meta-information system will
constitute the modular core system of GEDIS (see figure below).
Planned Schedule
The project is expected to last for about three years to be later on
operated by an international organization, which has not been defined yet.
Project partnership
The project is being planned by the Federal Environment Agency Ltd. together
with the Austrian Research Centers. Several potential partners already
co-operate with the leading organizations. For some important topics we are
still looking for partners.
International partners who would like to co-operate on the project are
invited to contact the address below.

 	Dr. Konrad L. Zirm, Umweltbundesamt GmbH
(Federal Environment Agency Ltd.)
Spittelauer Lände 5, A-1090 Vienna, Austria,
Head IT-Department
Tel.: +43/1/31304-5402, Fax: +43/1/31304-5400
Email Zirm@ubavie.gv.at

http://www.ubavie.gv.at;       http://gis.ubavie.gv.at/
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