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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Thu Mar 11 20:02 MET 1999
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 19:53:26 +0100 (CET)
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: La DGXII Luxembourg recrute des =?iso-8859-1?Q?évaluateurs?=
  pour le programme IAP : Internet Action Plan


The notice of a call for expressions of interest for programme evaluation
for the Internet Action Plan is still open and can be consulted online at

A new list of potential evaluators will be drawn up before the end of March,
and evaluators will be selected from that list to take part in the
evaluation of the calls for proposals which have been submitted for the
opinion of the Programme Committee and which it is intended to publish shortly.

Please would national delegations to the IAPPC:

- inform the Secretariat at the addresss below of the names of persons they
consider would be suitable to act as evaluators, with the reasons why they
are qualified, and

- contact the person directly and ask snd their contact details and cv to
facsimile +352 4301 33190 or                        electronic mail:

An online form is available at http://www2.echo.lu/iap/evalforms.html

Action plan on promoting safe use of the Internet
Compilation of a list of potential evaluators
Notice of a call for expressions of interest


1. European Commission, Directorate-General XIII, Telecommunications,
Information Market and Exploitation of Research, DGXIII/E information
industry and market and language processing , L - 2920 Luxembourg, Tel.
(+352) 4301.32400, Fax (+352) 4301. 33190.

2. Type: Call for expressions of interest for the provision of services
involving assistance with the technical evaluation of proposals and the
mid-term review of the proposed Action Plan on Promoting Safe Use of the
Internet. The proposed Action Plan (1) which is expected to be approved by
the Council in May 1998, aims to combat the circulation of illegal and
harmful material on the Internet through the creation of hotlines,
self-regulation and content-monitoring schemes, the promotion of compatible
and interoperable rating schemes and awareness measures.

Persons wishing to apply for inclusion on the list are invited to do so in
accordance with the provisions of this notice.

The awarding authority will include on the list candidates meeting the
criteria in point 8 below.

For each specific contract concluded for an evaluation task (see description
in 3 (a)), the awarding authority will select candidates from this list in
accordance with their skills, availability and other criteria enabling an
appropriate functioning of the programme to be guaranteed (e.g. by ensuring
an adequate combination of experience and new competences).

The list resulting from this notice will be used exclusively for evaluating
proposals and for the mid-term review of the Action Plan on Promoting Safe
Use of the Internet.

3. a) Description of the tasks involved:

1. Technical assistance with evaluating proposals submitted in response to
the calls for proposals put out within the context of the Action Plan on
Promoting Safe Use of the Internet.
The evaluators will judge the proposals on the basis of the evaluation
criteria specified in the calls and in the information dossiers accompanying
these calls. The evaluation will be carried out on a strictly confidential
basis and the Commission will not give proposers information on the
evaluators involved in judging their proposal.

2. Technical assistance in the review of projects supported under the Action
Plan on Promoting Safe Use of the Internet. Such reviews may be required in
order to verify the achievements of such projects and assess the extent to
which the programme objectives have been attained. They are carried out by
independent experts chosen on the basis of their widely recognised
experience and competence.

3. Technical assistance to Commission officials in the context of the
mid-term review of the Action Plan on Promoting Safe Use of the Internet.

A limited number of independent senior experts will be required to review
and evaluate the Action Plan on Promoting Safe Use of the Internet at
mid-term. These evaluators will be required to examine the performance of
the plan with reference to its formal objectives, evaluating the impact of
the various initiatives and providing proposals for adjusting the
orientation of the plan.

The above mentioned tasks concern the fields referred to in the work
programmes of the Action Plan on Promoting Safe Use of the Internet.

b) Type of contracts: The contracts in the fields mentioned in 3 (a) will be
awarded individually on the basis of standard task contracts concluded
either with natural persons at a daily rate of 250 ECU or with legal
entities at a daily rate of 450 ECU (2). Travelling and accommodation
expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the Commission's standard

The awarding authority will select competent candidates from the list of
experts drawn up on the basis of this call. The selection will be based on
the technical skills required and other criteria relating to satisfactory
management of the programmes.

4. Place of provision of services: Luxembourg and/or Brussels, as a rule. If
necessary visits to specific sites may be envisaged.

5. Applications relating to this call for expressions of interest can be
sent during three years from the date of publication. The list resulting
from the call for expressions of interest will remain valid three years from
the date of publication of the call, subject to the approval by Council of
the programme as proposed.

A first selection for admission to the list will be made on the basis of
applications received by 30 June 1998 at the latest and on the basis of
criteria referred to in point 8. Updates will be carried out periodically by
the Commission.

6. Any natural person or legal entity on the list resulting from this call
for expressions of interest may be awarded a contract.

7. a) Address to which the expressions of interest must be sent:

European Commission,
"Internet Programme Evaluators",
rue Alcide de Gasperi,
L-2920 Luxembourg - EUFO Bureau 1179;
facsimile +352 4301 33190;
electronic mail: iapevaluators@echo.lu
b) The persons meeting the conditions in point 8 and wishing to apply
express their interest in writing and send it to the above-mentioned address
within the time limits in 5 of this call and clearly specify the following

name, Christian name and, for companies, full corporate name,
full address,
telephone and facsimile numbers,
electronic address.
The awarding authority will send an information dossier, comprising all the
necessary information for submitting applications, to all interested persons.

Alternatively, they may consult the information dossier online via the
Internet address: http://www.echo.lu/iap/evalforms.html and submit their
application online.

The awarding authority will notify each candidate of the result of their

8. Conditions required for applications to be considered: The conditions
required for considering applications stipulate, in particular, that
candidates must:

be a citizen of a Member State of the European Union,
have a university degree or a professional qualification in a relevant subject,
provide evidence of their qualifications as a recognised expert, with at
least ten years professional experience, in one or more of the themes
addressed or activities to be undertaken by the Action Plan on Promoting
Safe Use of the Internet.
indicate any possible implication in future proposals or ongoing projects of
the Action Plan on Promoting Safe Use of the Internet, in order to avoid any
conflict of interests,
have access to electronic message system facilities.
The information dossier available to all potential candidates will set out
in detail the selection criteria as well as all conditions required and
forms to be filled in enabling applications to be evaluated. (3)

9. Other information: The work programmes of the Action Plan on Promoting
Safe Use of the Internet as well as the information dossier mentioned in
point 8 are available on the Internet (http://www.echo.lu/iap/)

Any additional information may be obtained from the address in 7 (a).

10 Date of dispatch of this notice to the Office for Official Publications
of the European Communities:

11 Date of receipt of this notice by the Office for Official Publications of
the European Communities:


(1) COM(97)582

(2) The daily rates mentioned are those currently in force for this type of
contract. The Commission reserves the right to adapt them as necessary.

(3) Download the Information package


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