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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Wed Apr  7 09:21 MET 1999
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet Open Call
  for proposals for setting up a European network of hotlines


L'union européenne vient de lancer (le 1 avril et ce n'est pas un poisson
d'avril) dans la cadre du programme IAP (Internet action Plan) deux appels à
propositions :

Le premier porte sur la mise en place de hot line :

Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet
Open Call for proposals for setting up a European network of hotlines

 (OJ  C 92  of  1.4.1999)

The Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet is a multi-annual
Community programme covering the period 1999 to 2002, under which several
Calls for Proposals are envisaged. In the framework of the Action Plan, the
European Commission invites proposals with the following objective:
To set up a European network of hotlines that allow users and service
providers to report content or use which they come across in the course of
their use of the Internet and which they consider to be illegal.
The objective of this action is not only to restrict circulation on the
Internet of illegal or harmful content, but also illegal use of the
Internet.  In particular, the Commission wish to promote services which
address content on the Internet that is contrary to human dignity, for
example, child pornography, extreme forms of violence, incitement to racial
hatred and xenophobia. The establishment and promotion of a network of
hotlines aims to achieve these objectives by providing a mechanism for
seeking the removal of illegal content from the host server.  Responsibility
for prosecuting and punishing those responsible for illegal content or use
is not covered by this Call and remains with the national law-enforcement
The Commission is making details of preparatory actions under way available
on its Internet site: http://www.echo.lu/iap. Interested organisations may
also make public their readiness to collaborate and sketch out potential
projects.  Organisations that currently operate national hotlines, and those
in a position to either create new services, or integrate existing services
into a trans-national network are encouraged to consult this site to develop
their ideas and broaden their consortium.  Successful projects will be
expected to take full account of existing hotline initiatives and to include
resources to generate co-operation between them.  Whilst projects need not
necessarily cover all Member States in the initial phase, such coverage is
the ultimate goal of the action and preference will be given to proposals
that demonstrate the best chance of realising that objective.
Community financial support is based on actual costs incurred, normally
labour costs and travel costs.  The support will be calculated at up to 50%
of those costs.  The Community financial contribution under the present
programme may not be cumulated with a payment from any other European
Community programme or source for the same project work. An indicative
budget for Community support for the Hotline Network is 1.8 million Euros
for the first evaluation .
This call for proposals is open to entities, whether private or public,
within the European Union.  All projects must include co-operation between
independent organisations established in different Member States and
preferably integrate activities across national borders. Participation may
be open to entitities in third countries in the conditions set out in the
technical background document.
Further information on this call and the conditions for submitting proposals
may be obtained from the following address:
Calls Central Office,
European Commission DG XIII-E/5
L - 2920 Luxembourg
Fax:  (+352) 4301 38099	E-mail:  iap@cec.be
This documentation may also be obtained by access to the World Wide Web
server I*M Europe at URL http://www2.echo.lu/iap.
This is an Open Call for proposals with a first evaluation in June 1999.
Further evaluations will take place at dates which will be fixed by the
Commission and which will be announced in advance on the Action Plan web
site. The second evaluation is envisaged for late 1999.
All proposals responding to this call must be addressed to the Commission at
the address indicated in this notice and sent by registered post, or by
courier service.  The postmark or receipt by post office or courier service
being proof of time of dispatch.  Proposals may also be delivered to one of
the Commission's offices within the Community by the same date.  Proposals
for the first evaluation exercise must be sent by 17.00 on  2.7.1999 at the
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