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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Le "Lithuanian Local Consortium" offre ses services pour les
  programmes communautaires


Lithuanian Local Consortium
"Training and Research an advanced computing  and information systems"

The main interests of Lithuanian Local Consortium are focused on integrated
information systems in business, administration and manufacturing. The
specific areas important for us are:
 Complex System Engineering
 Distributed Information and Services
 User Interfaces
The main application domains we are interested includes:
 Public and private administration
 Commerce and Banking

Specific interests of Lithuanian Local Consortium are based on our
experience in such problematic areas:

 Development of the Enterprise Information Architecture framework as
integrated hierarchical model for enterprise advancement : Business
Processes Analysis, Business Processes Reengineering, Advanced Business
System planning and development; Information System design/reengineering and
constructing software engineering development environments;
 Development of techniques for business process modeling in distributed
adaptive enterprise, intended for Business Process and Information Systems
reengineering, decision support, Worklflow management and incorporation of
Legacy Systems.
 Electronic Commerce.
 Development of the activity model of the product design process and CAD
system integration in the Enterprise Information System and adoption in
Lithuanian enterprises.

Lithuanian Local Consortium consists of:
Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), Faculty of Informatics,
Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), departament of information
systems and mathematical modelling and simulation research group,
Information Technologies Institute of Lithuanian Computer Society (Lithuania),
SME software house Sekasoft (Lithuania),
Refrigerators Factory Snaige (Lithuania),
Chemical Plant Lifosa (Lithuania),
Plant Inkaras (Lithuania).

Short description of experiences of Consortium members
Members of Local Consortium have strong experiences in specific interest
areas as listed above. In addition Vytautas Magnus University, Information
Technologies Institute of Lithuanian Computer Society (non-governmental
research institution) and software house Sekasoft participate in the main
groupware system project in Lithuania (creation of the Administrative
Information System of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania - VADIS).
Kaunas University of Technology has long term experience in development and
implementation of Information Systems in busines and industry.
Information Technologies Institute of Lithuanian Computer Society
participates in groupware infrastructure development for Lithuanian banking
Software house Sekasoft concentrates on groupware systems and BPR solutions
for Lithuanian industry.

Contact person:
Dean of Faculty of Informatics, Vytautas Magnus University,
Prof., Hab. Dr. Ignas Skucas.
Tel. 370-7-794666;
Fax. 370-7-794680;
E-mail: iskucas@mf.ktu.lt
Mail-adress: Vileikos 8, 3035, Kaunas, Lithuania
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