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Fostering the Efficiency of Business Processes in Publlic Administrations

Proposed Market Validation Project for the eTEN Program

Project Goal and Identified Needs
Goal of the project is to foster the productivity of business processes in
European public administrations.
Public administrations often still run rather ineffective business processes
wasting time and resources. Effective and efficient public administrative
services are, however, a crucial prerequisite on Europe's way towards a
knowledge-based, modern community that keeps track of new developments,
collaborates efficiently and exchanges experiences and good practices. What
public administrations thus need is some sort of support in learning about
efficient business processes and modernisation issues, keeping informed
about crucial decisions and developments and exchanging with other
communities about their experiences and needs.

In Southwestern Germany, around Stuttgart, the prodela initiative (enhancing
productivity through on demand learning at work) - funded by the German
Ministry for Economics and Labour (BMWA) - is currently establishing a
concept to foster the efficiency of the regional administrations. prodela is
a mix of blended learning and knowledge management. Learners get an
introduction to a certain topic (e.g. controlling or project management) by
means of webbased training modules. This e-learning approach is supported by
traditional lectures. The main focus of prodela, however, is on providing
on-demand job-related support, so there is a whole range of on-demand
documents such as guidelines, best practice cases and step-by-step
procedures on the prodela platform that users can use to solve problems "on
the job". Another important aspect is the prodela community. Users are not
only invited to exchange during presence seminars but also through a virtual
community. There are several for!
 ums they can use to discuss and exchange and there is the possibility to
have topic- or community-specific virtual rooms. Apart from that, users can
also draw on the support services provided by prodela.

Information about prodela can also be found at 
www.prodela.de (in German). 
The prodela learning platform is at 

The concept
The idea of this project is to evaluate the feasibility of the prodela pilot
in other European markets. This would provide the basis for the
implementation of a trans-European community of public administrations
learning together and exchanging with one another to become more efficient
and productive. Moreover, the application of an international elearning/
knowledge management platform would make efforts of harmonising the public
administration processes across different European countries much easier.

Structure of the Project

The consortium of researchers, industrial partners and service providers
will collaborate on realising the following elements of the project.

market analysis: analysis of European public administrations with respect to
user needs and necessary preconditions for the adaptation of the
e-learning/knowledge management suite; formulation of a draft business plan
demonstration/pilot of the service: implementation of a pilot service with
several pilot users dissemination: several dissemination activities (incl.
production of various dissemination material)

evaluation: documentation of user feedback (esp. with respect to specific
barriers for initial deployment)

draft deployment report: draft deployment report on basis of evaluation

final report: final report on project findings with consolidated
business/investment plan

Our Rolle
Our part as IAT (Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management) in
the eTEN project will be project management, coordination and work on the
analysis of requirements in each specific region and evaluation of the
applicability of the pilot (incl. deployment reports).

Call for partners
We are looking for partners in the following fields of expertise:
organisations providing further education (or support) for public
administrations and/or doing research into this field
European providers of communication solutions European administrations
interested in participating as pilot users ! 
If you are interested in participating in this project, please submit a
short letter of interest indicating how your organisation might benefit from
the project, how it may contribute to it and who your contact person is.

For questions etc.. please contact
IAT University of Stuttgart IAT University of Stuttgart
Kathrin Schnalzer        
phone: +49.(0)711.970-2191
Liza Wohlfart
phone: +49.(0)711.970-5310


Achim Conrads
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