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La Commission nous signale la mise en place d'un atelier :

Dear New Working Environments users / experts / leaders,

Welcome to the Ambient Intelligence @Work communities launch preparatory
workshop  -  
for the AMI@Work family of self-organising ERA communities relating to New
Working Environments. 

This family of communities links people in new and existing EU Member States
(and beyond) for a European Research and Innovation Area at work. This family
facilitates new working environments innovation.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, 10 March 2004, at 9:30 - 17:30 (with
registration and coffee at 8:30 - 9:30) in Brussels. 

The draft agenda and web-based registration are now available, via
www.AMIatWork.com . 

Why might you wish to join us this spring and summer in setting the AMI@Work
family of communities in movement? Would you choose one or more of these

*       You wish to collaborate with other New Working Environments users,
experts and leaders, throughout Europe (and beyond). You wish synergies,
not to
'reinvent the wheel'. You wish to connect your current networks with
complementary networks. 
*       You wish to co-create a real working European Research and Innovation
Area (ERA) for users, experts and leaders of corporate, professional, local,
regional, national, European or global projects or 'tribes'  -  where the
is clearly greater than the sum of the parts, where crossdisciplinary value
creation thrives, where 'passionate pragmatists', visionary early adopters,
create a path to the future, together with technological and societal
*       You are enthusiastic about finding partners for collaborative European
'dream teams' with joint objectives and complementary competences for the
smaller 3rd Call (deadline fall 2004) or the larger 4th Call for Proposals
(deadline spring 2005) of European Information Society Technologies research
projects. You already live in an EU of 25 countries and want to link people,
create ties and extend your networks to the new Member States. While focussing
on the EU 6th Framework Programme, you may already contribute to the
of the 7th. 
*       You wonder how enabling technological innovation could interact with
process innovation and societal innovation  -  to catalyse truly systemic
innovation, reorganising and transitions towards a knowledge based society.
see any AMI@Work community as a development organisation or a transition arena
to reach for crucial changes collaboratively.
*       You want to find out how far collaborative technologies can help us in
enabling a Rural Information Society, well-being at work or giving doctors and
nurses more support and time to care and cure. How can innovative mobile work
environments combine productivity and quality of life? What technologies,
processes and societal innovations will sustain global 24-hour collaboration
through time zones for product design and service creation?
*       You still believe that the Lisbon strategy goals might stand a chance
for Europe to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based
economy in
the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs
greater social cohesion, when we manage to spark and sustain the innovative,
learning, agile, caring, pluralistic and collaborative spirit of Europe. Did
you ask for which year? 2010? More than linear extrapolation of the past is
*       You would like your AMI@Work communities to select leaders in open
face-to-face and electronic processes to reach crossdisciplinary leadership by
those who care, who convince and are trusted to lead, selected by interested
individuals  -  corporate, entrepreneurial, professional, academic, government
and citizens alike  -  also those who cannot (yet) afford to travel but will
collaborate and vote electronically. You would wish to be among the drivers of
the change.
*       You would like to know whether AMI stands for Ambient Intelligence, a
friend (in French) or 'Appel à Manifestation d'Intérêt' (call for expressions
of interest)? Or all of these and open for new meanings?
*       You believe that  -  fortunately  -  people may well desire to do
best, help other people and build a meaningful knowledge based society,
even if
they want as well to be competitive, innovative, entrepreneurial and

Can we collaboratively catalyse a European movement for reorganising us and
work, raising productivity, value creation and quality of life through new
working environments?

A workshop opening plenary will be followed by seven parallel community
sessions and a closing plenary.

The initial AMI@Work community sessions :  for technology themes and SEEM  - 
and for challenging validation environments  -  will at this workshop be held
as follows :

*       Collaboration@Work
*       Knowledge@Work
*       Mobility@Work
*       SEEM@Work  -  Single European Electronic Market

*       Rural@Work  -  Rural Information Society, Extended AgriFood
Products and
*       Life-Cycle Management @Work  -  Sustainability, Individualisation and
Interoperability for Products, Services and Environments 
*       Well-being Services @Work  -  Well-being, Health Sector and Social
Services : 
Citizen-centric Value Network of Professionals

This suggested structure has its roots in a number of promising contributions
in the past years. It is open for changes and additions, open for future
self-organising organic growth.

Registration is mandatory for participation. Participants will be confirmed in
order of registration. As always, space in the auditorium and community
rooms is not limitless.

There is no participation fee. The participants are responsible for their own
costs, such as travel, accommodation and meals.  

The opening and closing plenaries and three of the community-specific sessions
will be held in the Charlemagne building, Rue de la Loi 170, B-1040 Brussels
(next to Rondpoint Schuman and metro station Schuman). The other four
sessions will be held at Centre Albert Borschette, Rue Froissart 36, B-1040
Brussels, a few blocks from Charlemagne.

There will be an optional dinner, at the participants' own expense, the
before for those of us who will already have arrived.

We encourage you to please forward this message to your potentially interested
colleagues and networks.

The AMI@Work family of communities main launch event is foreseen to be held in
June or July 2004 (to be confirmed at www.AMIatWork.com).

Have a good week!

Kind regards,

Bror Salmelin                                   Olavi Luotonen

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