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Partner search: Looking for additional European partners for completing the consortium of our

eContent action line: Improving access to and use of public sector information.

Project type: Feasibility project.

Project description:

The ZyberMedia Concept:

"ZyberMedia" is the name for a central placed mediacenter containing the latest in advanced
IT-Technology with server platforms (from now on named  - ServerPark) and electronic networking
equipment, Routers, Switches etc. The ZyberMedia mediacenter is the turning point of all of the
activities. The ServerPark and Networking equipment is all a tool for the transmission of digital
information via the Internet.

The information we imagine to be transmitted via the Internet, is planned to be transmitted to a
minimum of 24 Very Large Flat Television Screens placed in 24 major big cities in Europe - all
connected to the ZyberMedia Center. At large we plan to expand the number of TV-screens to an even
higher number, but at first we plan to make a smaller feasibility project with approx 5-6

In these 5-6 cities where we plan to run the feasibility project, we imagine a minimum of 3-4
partners in each city. An advertising bureau, an ISP-internet service provider, a local placed
landlord (who will lease the building facility to place the TV screen on), and finally we need to
negotiate the proper legal juridicial permissions to broadcast TV
signals to an open forum of people in the cities with local authorities.

As such, our project will involve - not less than 100 SMV partners in Europe!

The broadcast signals will be transmitted in 2 various segments:

Segment 1: Commercial Products advertisements (on a-per-minut pay

Segment 2: Broadcast General information about the European Union

Both segments will be adressed towards the public in general, as

Our company - Zyberland I/S - will serve as a primarily technical service provider to deliver the
assistance to give functionality to project.

Company description:

Zyberland I/S

Zyberland I/S - is a Service orientated company with core competitative qualifications in the field
of IT-service on all IT-platforms, eg. Microsoft operativ systems, Unix and Linux - clients as well
as server platform. A second qualification is networking and datatransportation of digital signals.

Our primary customers are small and medium sized companies who do not have their own IT-department.
Zyberland I/S provide the service for these companies, and have a similar function as a
IT-department in a large company.

However - when Zyberland I/S was created, it was never the intention that the company should
continue to provide the skills to other companies - but the intentions were - to create and build an
innovative company. We have merely used our skills to provide the basis fundament of building a
company rapidly via our core skills, and simultaniously build the innovative perspectives into the
company as the momentum of growth escaletes.

Our primary focus of innovation is at the moment "project slidedesign" - which we plan to implement
into a separate company called Zybermedia. We are aware of the obstracles involved with the process
of building an innovative company - and therefore we seek international partnerships. As such, we
plan to use a long period of work before we can implement any innovative ideas into the company.
When we started Zyberland in Christmas 2001 - the innovative timetable was scheduled to take place
in may 2005, so at the moment we are ahead of the timetable unless we experience a setback.

At the present we have 4 partners involved in the project SlideDesign, ZyberMedia - these partners

Addvice - see http://www.addvice.dk/
Medie1 - see http://www.medie1.dk/
Tropa MediaLab - see http://www.tropa.dk/
Professor. Mykola Kolodnytsky, at SDU South Danish University - see http://www.nis.sdu.dk/~mykola/

For a presentation of Zyberland I/S - please visit http://www.zyberland.dk/


Mr. Tom Christensen
Partner, Technical Consultant
Email: tom@zyberland.dk
Phone: 0045 65959563
Mobile: 0045 20289563

Patrick Schouller
Le Bervil
12, rue Villiot
Téléphone 01 53 44 94 25 

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