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From roger.seite@dgrt.mesr.fr Wed Apr 29 10:38 MET 1998
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From: roger.seite@dgrt.mesr.fr (Roger Seite)
Subject: Conference telematique en Asie centrale
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*** Information relative aux programmes de recherche europeens ***

Madame, Monsieur,

Je vous prie de trouver ci-apres l'annonce d'une conference internationale
organisee par la Commission europeenne (projet DENEMA) a Almaty, Kazakhstan,
du 7 au 9 octobre 1998 et portant sur plusieurs secteurs telematiques :
sante, education, commerce electronique.


     Eurasia Online '98

     A Joint Conference between the countries of Central Asia and the European

     in the area of new markets for
     Telematics products and services
     for Healthcare, Education and Training and Electronic Commerce

     7-9 October 1998
     Almaty, Kazakhstan

     Call for Presentations and Demonstrations

     This conference is being organised by the DENEMA Project (Development of
     Markets for Telematics Products in Central Asia) a support action of the
     Telematics Applications Programme of the IV Framework Programme of the
     European Union. It is being co-ordinated by UNESCO.

     New Market Opportunities for Telematics-based Products and Services
     Europe has developed a significant body of knowledge and know-how in using
     new technologies for education, health care and commerce. Now is the time
     to offer these products and services to the world by exploring and
     investing new markets. Central Asia is the one of the most promising

     Rapid Change and Modernisation
     The former Soviet Republics of Central Asia (Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan,
     Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) are going through a process of
     rapid change and modernisation. The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank
     and the IMF are providing loans for part of this process. The region has a
     population of over 55 million and the GDP is growing in many of the
     countries, which have potentially rich mineral reserves. These countries
     are keen to embrace the latest techniques offered through the utilisation
     of telematics applications.

     A Unique Opportunity
     The purpose of this conference is to formulate strategies on the
     development of distance education, electronic commerce and telemedicine in
     the Central Asian region.

     It will provide a unique opportunity for European Telematics service
     providers to meet high-level government ministers and officials including
     top telecom representatives and senior management in the Central Asian
     companies. Individual discussions on joint ventures between Central Asian
     and European organisations will also be encouraged.

     Presentations of Central Asian participants will provide insight on the
     government position vis-a-vis the telematics infrastructure and content for

     this infrastructure. Current use of new technologies for education, health
     care, finance and trade will be demonstrated. Practical conclusions drawn
     from the two East-West workshops: on electronic commerce (Tashkent, March
     1998) and distance education (Bishkek, May 1998) will be presented.

     After the conference there will also be opportunities to make visits and
     organise meetings with companies, ministries, universities, schools and

     An Invitation
     European organisations are invited to participate in this unique high level

     conference by giving presentations and demonstrations on products and
     services that they could offer in the areas of telematics-based distance
     learning, tele-medicine and electronic commerce. This will take the form of

     plenary and parallel session, working groups and demonstrations using
     telecom facilities.

     Who should attend?
     European senior managers of large and small IT, Telecom and Multimedia
     companies, banks, universities and training organisations who provide
     telematics-based distance learning, tele-medicine and electronic commerce
     services and products. Venture capital and technology transfer agents.
     Representatives from European Union government departments and other export

     promotion agencies.

     Key Topics
     The main topics of the conference are likely to include: - * An overview of

     the Central Asian Market
     * Central Asian government and companies strategies for telematics-based
     distance learning, tele-medicine and electronic commerce, as well as
     development of infrastructure
     * Perspectives for European companies in Central Asia * Funding
     opportunities to support joint ventures
     * European R&D Programmes
     * Technology transfer mechanisms

     What will it cost?
     There will not be a conference fee. But participants will be expected to
     pay for their own travel and subsistence costs. (Note good hotel rate can
     be negotiated). Some grants (1000 ECU) may be available for European Union
     participants with the best presentations.

     Conference Languages
     Russian and English. It is planned for simultaneous translation for the
     main plenary sessions and concurrent translation for the smaller working
     sessions with interpreters available for one-to-one discussions.

     Do you wish to make a presentation?
     If you wish to attend please complete the Registration of Interest form
     with a summary of your presentation and return it by 18 May 1998. The
     Steering Committee will be selecting the most appropriate presentations at
     the end of May and we will inform you by mid June whether we are able to
     offer a place at this high level conference.

     Do you wish to register for the conference?
     If you wish to register for the conference but do not wish to give a
     presentation please complete the form by 31 July 1998.

     As places are limited please reply early


     Registration of Interest Form
     Eurasia Online '98
     7-9 October 1998, Almaty, Kazakhstan

     "new markets for Telematics products and services
     for Healthcare, Education and Training and Electronic Commerce"

     Please complete your details and requirements (in BLOCK CAPITALS typed)
     below and return to: -

     Dana Ziyasheva (Ms)                             Tel: +33 1 45 68 42 41
     Information and Informatics Division            Fax: +33 1 45 68 55 83
     UNESCO                                   Email: d.ziyasheva@unesco.org
     1, rue Miollis, bureau 14.44
     75015 Paris, France

     Participant Details (please use one form per person)

     Contact person (title, first name last name)




     Post Code                     City

     Country                                                 Tel:

     Fax:                               Email:

     Participation (please delete what is not appropriate)

     I wish to attend the conference but do not wish to give a presentation I
     will attend the conference and wish to give a presentation or a

     I would like to: -

     give a presentation on the following topic (please supply a printed

     give a demonstration on

     My areas of interest are: -

     Education and Training
     * Vocational and Professional Training * Primary and Secondary Education
     * Tertiary (Higher) Education
     * On the job tele-training
     * Just-in-time learning

     * Telemedical networks
     * tele-education and training
     * tele-diagnoses
     * electronic publishing of health care-related  information
     * Management of health resources
     * Hospital Information Systems. Electronic health care records
     * Legal aspects on health telematics

     Electronic Commerce
     * Electronic Banking: electronic payments, advanced credit card systems
     * Management of financial records
     * Electronic brokerage
     * Business to Business Electronic Commerce On-line shopping

     Infrastructure and technology
     * telephony
     * Internet
     * Use of satellites
     * Use of ISDN
     * access to multimedia computers
     * software production facilities

     Legal and security issues
     * Encryption
     * Copyright and public domain
     * security

     ------------------------------------------ Summary of your Presentation

     Name                                     Organisation

     Title of Presentation

     Sector of Interest

     Summary (no more than 30 lines)
                                          *    Roger Seite
                                       **    Ch. de mission Telecom
    **   ***                    ***     MENRT / DTA3
   **    ***                  ***       1 rue Descartes
    **                      ***            75231 Paris cedex 05
      **************                T : + 331 46 34 34 49
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