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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Wed Feb 21 09:34:32 2001
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: programme communautaire e-content / premiers elements /

European Commission 
Directorate-General Information Society 
Content, Multimedia Tools and Markets 
Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

The European Commission is about to set in motion a new market-  orientated
programme in the area of Internet content products and  services, which has
become known as eContent. The programme is  intended to stimulate the
development and use of "European digital  content (e-content) on the global
networks", and consists of three  action lines:

AL1: Improving access to and expanding use of public sector information.

AL2: Enhancing content production in a multilingual and multicultural 

AL3: Increasing the dynamic of the digital content market.

The overall goal of the projects and other actions established within  Action
Line 2 is to investigate and experiment with new partnerships,  strategies and
solutions for designing and producing e-content services  which can be
and effectively tailored to the requirements of  European and global markets.

Cost-shared projects established within this Action Line will focus  in the
2001-2002 time frame on products and services designed to be  used in
connection with Internet access points, ranging from PCs  through mobiles and
communicating appliances, to television sets and  game consoles.

Transnational projects and other collaborative actions are expected to
three broad communities:

- private and public e-content players planning to enhance their offerings 
(e.g. web portals, mobile services, broadband information and entertainment 
services) through cost effective internationalisation strategies and 
localisation processes;

- businesses and public-sector actors (e.g. utilities) which intend to 
establish or strengthen their presence on the e-commerce scene through  e.g.
web marketing, retailing and customer care offerings adapted to the
and cultural requirements of a broad range of user groups;

- private/public partnerships geared towards a wider deployment and
exploitation of public sector information.

Further information on the eContent programme can be found at 


For additional details on Action Line 2 and Language technologies and 
applications in general: www.hltcentral.org

Early information on upcoming calls for proposals will be published on  the
above web sites towards the end of February.

Best regards,

Roberto Cencioni 
Head of unit, INFSO/D4
Inquiries re eContent: econtent@cec.eu.int
Inquiries re Action Line 2 and associated R&D developments: 

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