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       Association grecque propose partenariat E-TEN
       Tue, 10 Jun 2003 08:57:52 +0200 (MEST)

Our association e-ISOTIS (Information Society Open To ImpairmentS, www.e-isotis.org) is interested
and qualified to collaborate with organisations that intend to submit a proposal under the eTEN


with focus mainly on action line 1: e-Government and /or Action line 3: eInclusion.   

In short, we:

    - encourage and support the involvement of disabled people and older people in the Information
    - audit existing Information Society activities and structures; 
    - raise awareness on the need for inclusion and social implications; 
    - work to ensure accessibility and promote design-for-all; 
    - improve the ICT skills of older people and disabled people; 
    - review assistive technology services; 
    - review universal service in telecommunications; 
    - stimulate industrial interest for manufacturing ICT products and services for older people and
disabled people; 
    - set a good paradigm for similar initiatives to take place. 

In the context of an eTEN proposal,  e-ISOTIS will: 

   a)      provide information on the market analysis for people with disabilities, 

   b)      provide feedback on the user requirement analysis

   c)      assess and validate the emerged services, 

   d)      identify important factors that should be addressed to advance exploitability of the

   e)      contribute to EC Policies, i.e 

         a.allow the full conformance of the project with the recommendations of the eEurope2005
Action Plan for creating an Information Society for All

         b.facilitate the project to adopt the Communication on a ”Barrier Free Europe”
(COM(2000)284final) which focuses on how policies can give disabled people the right to mobility in
areas such as information society

   f)       Disseminate the results to the people with special needs (customers/users/stakeholders).

The challenge now is to identify new approaches or measures to tackle “Deploying services for an
Information Society for All”, thus ensuring progress towards e-inclusion and e-government in the
context of eEurope 2005 action plan.

In this context, we would appreciate, if you could inform organizations active in preparing
proposals in the eTEN about our activities and the added value that we could bring into their

For further information and contact :


Zoe Apostolopoulou
President of ISOTIS 

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