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Dans le cadre du transfert du Secrétariat de COST de la Commission vers la fondation européeenne de la science (ESF), celle-ci lance une campagne de recrutement d'experts scientifiques, destinés à animer les comités techniques COST dans différents domaines et établir le lien entre le bureau COST, basé à Bruxelles, la Commission européenne et le PCRD, ainsi que l'ESF à Strasbourg. 

La date limite de candidature est fixée au 31 octobre 2003. Cette annonce a été publiée dans diverses revues sientifiques (Nature) et diffusée aux organismes membres de l'ESF.

Texte de l'annonce

The ESF, which has taken over responsibility from the European Commission for the administrative, technical and science secretariat of the COST Office, wishes to strengthen its team of Scientific Experts in the following areas:

Agriculture, Biotechnology and Food Science

Physics and Materials

Social  Sciences and the Humanities

Telecommunications, Information Science and Technology

Appropriate relevant experience in any of these scientific domains or their component parts or in relevant research management is a pre-requisite. A working knowledge of English (the principal working language of the Office) is necessary. Additional European language skills are an advantage. Good interpersonal skills and a commitment to European research are necessary.

The services of these Scientific Experts will be performed for a period of up to 4 years at the COST Office, which is located in the centre of Brussels. An appropriate compensation package will be available for the successful candidates to take into account that the Scientific Expert will be living and working in Brussels. 

Responsibilities include working closely with the Chair(s) of relevant COST Technical Committees and supporting COST Scientific Actions. In addition, successful candidates will be expected to contribute to the general work of the COST Office. Successful candidates will be expected to travel widely in Europe, and to develop synergetic working relations with the European Commission Framework Programme, with the ESF operations in Strasbourg and with other relevant European research activities.

Closing date for letters of application together with a full CV should be sent to Mme Jacqueline Steydli (jsteydli@esf.org) by 31 October at the latest. It is hope that successful candidates can take up their post by 1 January 2004 or shortly thereafter.

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