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La Commission demande (voir ci-dessous) au NCP, point de contact nationaux du
programme, de diffuser, même si les délais sont courts, une recherche de
partenaires de Roumanie

Message de la Commission

Dear NCPs, 
Yesterday I was in Romania for an Information Day at the request of Minister
Dan Nica. Regrettably this event was delayed because of doubts about whether
the legal base would be ready in time for Romania's participation in eTEN this
year. This is now practically certain. There was strong interest yesterday
some obviously very competent companies. 
I would really be grateful, even at this late stage if you could distribute
attached information, as you feel appropriate, concerning eLearning as quickly
as possible. This is a neutral request for distributing information and
contacts should be taken between companies in the usual way using the contact
infom provided. 
Many Thanks In Advance. 
John Beale

Demande de partenariat

altFactor SRL - Romania 
Company presentation
Seeking for: a project (our role being that of a subcontractor or a
member), for
which we can provide eLearning solutions. If you are looking for such
or if you have any information about other members/consortia looking for
eLearning solution providers, please contact us:
Andreea Puscasu
Assistant Manager
AltFactor SRL, Galati - Romania, IT Park
Tel: 0040 741 629 733; 0040 236 407 031; 0040 236 407 030
Fax: 0040 236 407 030
Who we are: We are a young, dynamic company, founded five years ago,
in eContent development and in full advertising services.
Our mission: to develop and provide innovating and original eContent
according to our client's specifications, using the last multimedia
Our vision: to become an important developer and provider of complex eLearning
services and solutions, both national and international.
Strong Points: Up to now, AltFactor gathered an enthusiastic team of
professionals, made up of 13 software developers and designers and 2
colaborators with relevant experience in digitalizing eLearnig content. We use
multimedia technologies, 2D-3D animations and flash, according to the
beneficiaries' needs. Our team is characterised by rapidity, creativeness,
professionalism, commitment, flexibility.
Skills: PHP, HTML, DHTML, Shtml, Java Script, XML, mySQL, Flash, Adobe
Photoshop, Corel DRAW, 3ds MAX, Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C#).
Our offer contains services of information conversion into various types of
electronic data, function of our beneficiaries' needs, falling into three
categories of formats:
-Web based training (WBT)
-Computer based training (CBT)
-LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems)
How we do it. The development process starts from documents on paper or in
ordinary electronic formats (Word, PDF, etc.) and it is a result of the
following stages: Analysis ---Design ---Development---Implementation
During the analysis stage, our team creates the scenario, according to the
standards in force, to the desired result and to the target market. In the
second stage, the scenario is transformed into interactive electronic content,
according to XML, Scorm 1.2 and IMS standards.
The completion of the material takes place in the development stage. The final
solution is delivered in one of the three formats. In the evaluation stage,
aiming at the full functionality, the material allows non restricted import
export, easy modification of the content.
Porfolio. Among our most successful references one may find:
-over 150 lessons (biology, geography, technology, computer science, history)
for the SEI national program(The Educational IT-Based Program)
-web pages for companies pertainig to various fields of activity: legal
profession, environment protection, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Our target market: all demanding companies that need eLearning and eContent
quality services, either for implementing them in schools and universities, or
for employee training.
Our main partner: SIVECO Romania SA

Ministère de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Industrie
Représentant national aux comités des programmes IST, E-TEN, E-CONTENT, SIAP
Point de contact national E-TEN et SIAP