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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Thu Sep 21 12:10:08 2000
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: initiative EUROLAT -IS pour favoriser la R&D Europe Amérique Latine


Eurolat-IS (Euro-Latin America Information Society initiative) is supported by
the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme. Its general
objective is to boost Euro-Latin American collaboration in Information Society
Technologies, by means of concrete R&D projects undertaken by consortia of
European and Latin American companies, universities and R&D organizations.
Social and economic development in the Latin American region is considered
as a
long term goal of this initiative.

Its main objective will be achieved through the organisation of Thematic
Workshops in Latin American countries. After a dissemination campaign,
and latin american researchers and experts are selected to participate in each
Thematic Workshop. Each event will bring together between 60 and 100 experts.
At focussed discussions, they intend to define project proposals for joint IST
activities based on priorities identified in the Thematic Workshops. After a
maturity process, it is expected that the projects will be submitted to
relevant funding sources, in particular to the European Fifth Framework

The venues and themes for the Thematic Workshops are decided by members of the
Eurolatis Steering Committee, a group of high-level individuals from industry,
government administration and IST related research from all 19 Latin American
countries and 15 EU member states. The 3rd Eurolat-IS Thematic Workshop,
devoted to "Information Society Technologies for Education and Training", will
be held in Chile, 11th -13th December, 2.000.

The Technical University of Madrid has assumed overall responsability to
the Eurolat-IS initiative, and established a Coordination Unit for that
purpose. The Eurolat-IS initiative will cover travel and subsistance expenses
for the participants at each workshop.

Eurolat-IS website: http://www.eurolatis.upm.es
Eurolat-IS Coordination Unit:
Staff: José A. Sánchez (jsanchez@diatel.upm.es), Norma García
Phone: +34 91 336 59 64
Fax: +34 91 336 59 74

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