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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Tue Jan  9 16:59:56 2001
To: (Suppression de la liste des destinataires)
From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Musee Gdansk / Pologne / recherche partenaire/ appel IST/

National Museum and City Hall in Gdansk seek for a coordinator and 
technological partners for a project in the IST Call 6 - Action line 
Project information 
Name of the project: 
Virtual presentation of the 15th-18th century artistic craft collection 
as cultural achievements of the region - the example of Gdansk silverware.
Subject of project: 
Collection of artistic craft. Creating database, research-oriented 
network and a www site as a source of information on available objects of 
15th-18th century Europen craft in world's collections.
- Drafting the subject of the conclusion 
(based on the 16th of October version of the Work Programme 2001) 
RTD III.1.3. Next generation digital collections
To improve substantially, both qualitatively and quantitatively, access for 
citizens and professionals to Europe's expanding repositories of cultural 
and scientific knowledge.
- virtual heritage: visualisation and VR as new tool/methods for 
representation and navigation (e.g. of objects, collections and landscapes).
Presentation of artistic craft collections using modern tools, creating 
database of known objects that are valuable to Europen culture. The 
electronic form will provide access to the information that so far has been 
hard to get but that is essential for researchers, collectors and antique 
market, the information on iconography of objects, history of workshops, and 
three-dimensional presentation of objects on the Internet. The information 
collected in the database will be accessible on a number of levels - it is 
connected with the safety of detailed data that would be available only to 
research centres, and with copyright law if the data were to be used in 
publications of any kind.
- Key words 
Electronic collection of artistic craft 
Database administration with Internet access
Provisional acronym: OVIDIUS
Contacts: National Museum - 
Jadwiga Charzynska tel. (+48) (58) 552 12 71, 
Marek Koszlak (+48) (58) 301 70 61
Urzad Miejski w Gdansku (City Hall in Gdansk) - 
Wieslaw Patrzek 
tel. (+48)(58)302 00 04, fax (+48)(58)302 65.97 
Muzeum Narodowe 
ul.Torunska 1 
80-822 Gdansk 
fax. (+48) (58) 301 11 25; 552 12 71

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