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         Entreprise grecque recherche partenaire pour le programme E-Content

We are keen on joining potential projects of for the e-content call.
Any type of challenging and dynamic proposal could make use of ZENON's capabilities in this area.

Below you will find all the contact information. As for the languages spoken: Greek, English, Spanish and elementary French.

                                  Educational Profile of ZENON

In the areas of e-learning & e-content Zenon in close collaboration with:
a.      Software & content development groups
b.      Independent specialists and consultants in life-long learning and content creation has
developed products and participates in the development of products and services and finally is
very interested for further or co-development of products and services in the following:
Ø       Language planning and CBT  WBT.
Ø       Electronic documents.
Ø       E-training and productive diversity in multilingual & multicultural workplaces.
Ø       E-portfolios for meta learning awareness in formal systems of education &
Ø       E-citizenship & public services.
Ø       Observatories: studies & analyses in ICTs for life-long learning.
Ø       Experience in regional learning & activities for learning cities (web-based
Ø       E-learning for volunteers (Athens 2004).
Modules & systems in e-learning 

Head,  R&D Department,  ZENON S.A.
5, Kanari St.,  Gl. Nera,  GR 153 54 Athens, Greece
Tel.   +30-210 6041 582   Fax. +30- 210 6041 051
Mob: +30-944 293 771
E-mail: chrysagis@zenon.gr  URL: www.zenon.gr