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Please find below a document regarding our projects and our view
regarding search for partners. 

Best Regards,

Minas Stratigos

Project Manager 
ATKOSoft S.A. 
15, Aitolias Str. 
15231, Chalandri 
Athens, Greece 
Tel.: +30 210 6772 500 - Fax: +30 210 6772 501 
E-mail: mstr@atkosoft.com   - 


Who we are
ATKOSoft S.A., was established in 1993 with the main objective, to
exploit the significant know-how of its members as well as to gain
the leader position in the area of specialized, high technology
software development. Primary target market of ATKOSoft was, from
the beginning, the European and International market.
In order to achieve its objective, ATKOSoft undertook the role of
prime contractor and main technology provider in EC R&D Projects.
This activity provided the company with significant know-how and
leadership in the European high technology market.
The company is involved in the integration of cutting edge
technology with real user needs via:
·      The marketing of suites of software applications addressed
to vertical markets such as
o       Healthcare and Statistics.
·      The development of specialized software applications via
the utilization of latest technology
·      such as Internet Technology, Smart Cards, etc.
·      The Research and Development in the area of Software
·      The Technological Consulting in Information Technology
·      The Management of Information Technology Projects
·      The participation, as Technology Provider, to EC R&D
Projects in Information Technology.

ATKOSoft technology is widely acknowledged for its innovativeness
and has been awarded by the European Commission with the European
Information Technology Prize, nominating its aMedline Suite of
Software Applications for Healthcare
Services Management, as an “ITEA ’96 Winnerâ€.…

“...for excellence in converting results from Information
Technology Research into innovative products for the

This award - that constitutes one of the highest distinctions in
the European Information Technology market - was offered to
ATKOSoft by President Santer, in a special ceremony that took place
in Brussels.
It is worth mentioning that ATKOSoft is the only European and the
first Greek company that received an award in the sector of Health
Our product aMedline is the developed result of an EU funded
project and it is an integrated Suite of Software Applications
consisting of a set of specialized modules, closely interrelated
and co-operating, for the full coverage of the working requirements
of Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic and Medical Centres. The system
effectively enhances both medical practice and business strategy by
enabling medical organizations to manage, in an structured, "smart"
way, all patient related information - diagnoses, prescriptions,
laboratory examinations, care actions and care plans, as well as
administrative and financial information. Due to its robust
Telemedicine Technology, aMedLine allows the smooth cooperation
between different departments wherever they are located.
Based on a powerful Multimedia Health Record (MHR) that integrates
all medical and administrative data on each patient, including real
medical readings derived from medical devices, the system offers
Automation of workflow and communication between different
Departments regardless of their physical location, Management of
Admissions Office tasks and Beds, Management of Diagnoses, Care
Plans, Medical Materials and Drugs, Structured Telemedicine System,
Advanced Mechanisms of Patient Health Monitoring via correlations
of medical data, diagnoses, care plans, etc. and the capability to
issue customized Managerial Reports and Quality Indicators. The
software is used in every level, primary secondary and tertiary.

Frontis is a different product, addressed to Home Care Providers,
Health Management Organizations and Insurance Companies. This
Integrated Home Care Management System, handles the effective
coordination of Home Care Services provided by multidisciplinary
teams of healthcare service professionals who share and cooperate
on the same Care Plans. The system maximizes the effectiveness of
traditional Home Care Services and helps extend them both in depth
- improved medical care at home - and in breadth - more medical
cases monitored at home. Due to the structured Telemedicine
Technology built into the
system, Frontis raises Home Care Services into a totally new
dimension, whereby care services at home are almost similar in
quality to those provided at the hospital, providing Multimedia
Health Record that integrates all medical and administrative
information of the patient, including actual medical readings
acquired by portable medical devices, Home Care Plan including care
actions, treatments and pharmaceutical prescriptions, Home Visits
Scheduling and Workplan, Structured Telemedicine System and the
capability to issue customized Statistical Reports that correlate
different sets of medical data.

Using Frontis, data collection from home and coordination of the
Healthcare professionals is achieved in the most effective way for
the Homecare provider.

FRONTIS consists of the following modules:

Multimedia Health Record
patient related data incl. real medical data and is used to
coordinate the home care service provision
Mutimedia Data collection
using suitable designed interfaces, the system is able to collect
data from portable medical devices such as Electrocardiographs,
Digital Cameras/Video Cameras and other sources of multimedia
Home Care Plan
is developed and monitored by healthcare professionals of various
Scheduling of Home visits
implemented by visiting personnel of multiple disciplines
Module of On line Real Data Acquisition from Portable devices
for the collection of actual medical readings at home visits and
their automated integration in the patient MHR

Frontis is already installed in various sites (Ireland, Italy and
Greece) using laptops and GPRS collecting data for general use,
with different usage in every site, either multiple visits daily or
various visits weekly. It is installed in a large Private Regional
health service provider in Greece collecting data regarding chronic
diseases and in a Public Secondary health Service provider
collecting general data. 

E.U Projects and know-how

ATKOSoft S.A. has been repeatedly and for many years be trusted
from the European Commission to coordinate and participate in many
IT Research and Development EU funded projects, in the sector of
health and statistics, with a total budget of more that 27mil.
Euros. We have been the prime contractors and coordinators in many
project with a budget of more that 22 million Euros in total. This
has given us valuable experience and expertise in the coordination
and development of such Projects.
ATKOSoft S.A. has also been chosen from the European Commission as
Advisors in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine and as Special
advisors for the Information Society Era. We have also been
advisors of the European Parliament involved in the 5th Framework
At the field of Homecare, ATKOSoft has managed and coordinated the
RISE and NIVEMES projects with a total budget of 7.5 Million Euros.
(http://www.atkosoft.com/rise/). Working pilots to improve the
health and life of elderly people have been implemented and
currently working with various data collections daily or weekly, in
Greece, Ireland, Sweden and Italy. it is noticeable that the data
exchange have been integrated with GPRS technology.

Another EC funded project managed and prime contracted by ATKOSoft,
the HEALTHLINE, was implemented under the framework of the European
Union Health Telematics programme. The project included
participants in Greece, Italy, Ireland and Sweden. Its aim was to
strengthen the possibility of a successful outcome of Telehealth
implementation via specific projects in the European Union by
providing the expert Training and Information dissemination
services to providers, beneficiaries and the general public, using
the Telehealth systems and infrastructure applied by those
projects. The project developed "On-the-job Training" tool for
healthcare service professionals working in the fast rising
Telemedicine and Home Care sectors while it implemented innovative
methodologies on developing an International Website based on
common policies and procedures.

Another project running now and actually it seems very helpful for
the proposal as it involves Home data collection and prevention, is
the BODYLIFE project, which is an Intelligent System monitoring the
body composition for better healthy life style and illness
prevention. The results of this project, I think that fit into the
proposal idea. Information can be found at
www.atkosoft.com/bodylife and 
Additionaly, SMARTIE (Smart Medical Applications Repository of
Tools For Informed Expert Decision) is a currently developing
project (www.smartie-ist.org) and it is a collection or "suite" of
medical software decision tools (MEdnotes) ranging from clinical
calculators (i.e. risk factor scoring) up to the most advanced
medical decision support tools (i.e. acute abdominal pain
diagnosis). At the website mentioned above, you can download the
tools already developed. 

Contribution to the Project

We are interested to contribute in the following fields, related to
our know-how and expertise gained throughout this years that we are
developing and implementing E.U. projects.

·      Development and implementation of Health Information
Systems, based in our gained know-how and experience. We can work
on the necessary links and adapt, modify the model under
implementation in order to interface with the middleware at the
working project model.
·      Extend our mobile applications in Home Care. Links with
standard interfaces can be developed to mobile wireless medical
devices. Use alternative IT devices apart from  laptops using
specially designed sensors if necessary such as PDAs, Mobile
·      Links and uses to other groupware applications for
interoperability and data exchange. 
·      Also, development for the use of high bandwidth
communication techniques and technologies beyond GPRS such as 3G. 
·      The middleware layer doesn’t guarantee full proper
functioning as the possibility for non map able data exist, the
design and development of mapping tools to the medical nomenclature
should be considered. 
·      Support in design and development of Electronic Health
Records, extend the existing application to interface with other
applications adapting the middleware to ensure interoperability and
use of the standards to the working project model. Augmentation for
the project model at the security level and accessibility pattern
of our Multimedia Health Record and the Homecare Data Management
System to adopt the usage of smart Cards.
·      Contribute in the necessary middleware design and
·      Support in the design & implementation of tools to analyze
medical data to generate results. Our expertise in Visual Data
Mining, in Large Survey Analysis and generally in Statistical
Analysis for non-expert users can be used in order to analyse
medical data retrieved from Anonymous databases.
·      Provide Regional health authorities in Greece and possibly
abroad to implement real life testing scenarios. Through our strong
relationships with the Regional Health providers, can absolutely
help to set-up working pilots to validate results of the project.
·      Possibly coordinate mobile home-care subgroups based on our
5 years research and 3 years commercial experience of the relevant