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       Académie des sciences de Hongrie cherche partenaire e content
       Mon, 3 Mar 2003 12:05:50 +0100 (MET)

we work at the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences. We are interested to participate in
the eContent programme. We are looking for partners in the area of
e-learning. The summary of a national e-learning project is enclosed and
we would like to participate in similar tasks. Is there any partner
in this topic? Do you think that this topic is suitable to write an
eContent proposal?

Action line: all

Short description/summary of a national project. We would like to
submit  similar project, or to join a project with similar tasks.

E-learning globalization and lokalization center
The aim of the project is to promote one of the promising segments of
the Hungarian content industry, the production of the
multimedia-based electronic educational materials: the localization of foreign
 curriculums and the adaptation of Hungarian
language educational materials to foreign language environment "Glocalization").
Within the frame of the project, we shall develop technical and business models and solutions where
- the curriculums can be made portable using the e-learning database between the different e-learning 
- private entrepreneurs, small entrepreneurs and developers of larger firms can work together on development of 
in team using the internet technology
- the critical mass of the curriculums reachable for most of the domestic distance learning systems can emerge in 
central database containing standard curriculums which can dramatically increase the domestic spread of e-
The domestic e-learning projects have the typical weakness so far that the created curriculums can be used only 
in a
specific framework. The curriculums can be produced and stored with the help of the portable e-learning 
database to be
developed within the framework of the project in such a format where the portability of the curriculums between 
educational frameworks is realized by the automatic export/import procedures.
It is a new solution in e-learning practice that the curriculums can be extracted from the common curriculum 
database not
only by applying the off-line conversions but we ensure the on-line access to the curriculum database. Much 
more flexible
license constructions can be formed between the education providers and curriculum developers according to the 
actual use
because the use of the curriculum can be tracked in details.
The realization of the concept of the project is supported with the following innovative technical components:
- domestic spreading of international e-learning standards
- integrated XML-SQL in the database technology
- internet teamwork in the development of curriculums
- modern multimedia technologies in the localization of the curriculums
The project has social benefits:
- it improves the equality of opportunity in the education as well as in the job creation: it increases the  access to
e-learning systems and the curriculum development in virtual teams supports the distance work
- it promotes the faster domestic spreading of the e-learning methodology with the sharp increase of the set of 
and it helps directly the more effective knowledge transfer and social programs aiming the lifetime education
- development of domestic content industry, creating its  EU compatibility 
- increase of the invisible export by the foreign naturalization of the domestic curriculums
We shall work out a still non-existent cooperation model between the different participants of the e-learning 
market that
can be base of international cooperation models.

Activity: e-learning

Web site address: http://www.sztaki.hu/index.jhtml

Contact person:
Tibor Szkaliczki
Computer and Automation Research Institute
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
(+36) 1 2796000/7347

Patrick Schouller
Le Bervil
12, rue Villiot
Téléphone 01 53 44 94 25