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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Fri Dec  8 16:40:26 2000
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: INFO DAY Bruxelles sur l'Appel IAP

Safer Internet 

a) call for proposals - Filtering software and services - Closing date: 

A call for proposals for projects to demonstrate filtering software and 
services In the framework of the action plan on promoting safer use of the 
Internet has been published in the Official Journal of the European 

The measures will focus on demonstrating the potential and the limitations 
of filtering and rating systems in a real world environment, with the 
objective of encouraging establishment of systems suitable for European use 
and familiarising users with their use. Filtering and rating schemes must be 
internationally compatible and interoperable and developed with full 
cooperation of representatives of industry, consumers and users.
The demonstration projects should involve self-regulatory bodies, industry 
(access and service providers, content providers, network operators, 
software houses) user, consumer and citizens rights groups and government 
bodies involved in industry regulation and protection of minors.
Account should be taken of work on rating in other media.
This call is intended in particular to encourage proposals for 
"close-to-market" solutions. Emphasis will be placed on usefulness and 
practicality in "real-world" situations involving a large cross-section of 
typical users.
Examples of areas which could form part of a project are:
 "Walled gardens" - services offering limited access to content selected as 
being particularly suitable for a defined age group;
 Adaptation of existing software to cover new languages;
 "Family friendly" searching;
 Third-party supply of templates and lists for use in combination with 
filtering options built into browsers from commercial or non-commercial, 
values-oriented organisations;
 Benchmarking of filtering software and services (evaluation of the 
effectiveness of different filtering/blocking tools in the European context)
Closing date: 31/05/2001

Further information: 

An information meeting will be held in Brussels on 15 February 2001. 

b) workshop on benchmarking of filtering software and services
This will be followed by a workshop on benchmarking filtering software and 
services on the same date. 
At the request of the European Commission's Information Society 
Directorate-General, the Joint Research Centre, Ispra, has commenced a study 
to foster a better understanding of the process of benchmarking filtering 
software and services used to protect children from harmful or undesirable 
content on the Internet. In particular the study will seek to define the 
evaluation criteria that might be employed in specific benchmarking 
Participation is strongly encouraged from the following groups:
suppliers of filtering software or services, 
organisations interested in providing a benchmarking service, 
organisations interested in promoting availability of better technical 
tools for parents 
(including consumer, family and child welfare groups) 

c) How to register
Registration for information day and benchmarking workshop 

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