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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Wed Mar 15 11:07 MET 2000
To: (Suppression de la liste des destinataires)
From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: INFO DAY Santé Bruxelles le 17 mars

Subject:        Information Day Key Action 1 “Systems & Services for the
Citizen”, 17 March 2000 - Brussels
Please be advised that Key Action 1 “Systems and Services for the Citizen”
organises an Information Day on the topics/action lines related to the 3rd
for proposals, launched 10 February 2000.  The Call includes action lines in
the domain of Health (RTD, best practices and demonstration actions), of
with Special Needs (RTD) and of Humanitarian De-mining. For information on the
Call see www.cordis.lu/ist/calls.
The information day will take place on 17 March 2000, at the Charlemagne
building   (rue de la Loi, 170 Brussels). The draft agenda is attached.
Concrete guidance will be given and lessons learned from previous evaluations
will be presented with a clear focus on attracting only high quality
Parallel sessions on the three domains will offer an opportunity to learn
the details of the Work Programme. Ad-hoc meetings will allow the posting of
project ideas, the identification of potential partners, and will facilitate
In total some 450 participants can attend. Considering the nature of the
programme the participation of representatives from industry is particularly
encouraged. Early application is strongly recommended, by completing the
attached form. Confirmation of your attendance will be sent to you at least 1
week before the event.
IST KA1 Information Day
3rd Call
Friday, 17 March, 2000
Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi 170, 1040 Brussels (B)

08h30  09h15Registration
09h15  09h30Welcome
Objectives and focus in 3rd CallMichel RICHONNIER
09h30  10h00How to participate and “walk through” the preparation of a
proposalWilly VAN PUYMBROECK
10h00 - 10h30Experiences from previous CallsMichel RICHONNIER
10h30  11h00Questions and Answers
11h00 - 11h30Coffee Break
11h30  13h00Parallel sessions by area
Persons with Special Needs
Humanitarian De-mining
Jean-Claude HEALY
Barry O'SHEA
Wolfgang BOCH
13h00 - 14h00Lunch
        14h00 - 16h30   Ad-Hoc meetings by area
- opportunities for attendees to discuss amongst themselves (partnering) and
discuss with Commission Staff
16h30  17h00Parallel sessions by area
- final discussion
        Please send your application form by    return fax or e-mail to

Prof./Dr./Mr./Mrs.              :

First Name                      :

Last Name                       :

Mailing Address:
Organisation                    :

Street, No                      :

Zip - Area Code         :               -

Country/City                    :               -

Phone   :
Fax*    :
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(Please indicate with X)
Organisation type       Industry:       Research:

q       YES, I'm interested to attend the
IST/Key Action 1 “Systems and Services for the Citizen”
Friday, March 17th, 2000
B-1000 Brussels, Rue de la Loi 170, Charlemagne
in the domain of (please indicate with X)
q       Health
q       People with Special Needs
q       Humanitarian de-mining

Signature                                                       Date

*) The addressee on the application form will receive the notification of
Be sure to supply at least a fax or E-mail address to be informed quickly!

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