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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Thu May 31 16:29:32 2001
To: (Suppression de la liste des destinataires)
From: Patrick Schouller 
Commission Europenne / infoday sur la CPA3  :
 utilisation de l'information géographique /
         18 juin 2001 / Bruxelles

Les représentants au Comité de de gestion du programme IST ( Alain Brenac
du MR
et Patrick SCHOULLER du MinEFI) vous annoncent que la Commission  organise une
journée d'information publique

CPA3: Use of geographic Information
7th Call
to be held at
Centre des Conférences Albert Borschette (CCAB)
36, rue Froissart, Brussels, Belgium
Monday June 18th 2001, at 10:00 

Cross-Programme Action 3 (CPA3) - 

Use of Geographic Information of the IST Programme will be opened for
in the 7th call, currently foreseen from June to October 2001.

The aim of CPA3 is to help improve citizensí awareness and comfort, industrial
competitiveness and the efficiency of public administrations by enhancing and
supporting the use, access and management of geo-information. Full description
of the CPA3 action line, a CPA3 presentation and background information can be
found on http://www.cordis.lu/ist/cpt/cpa3.htm.
The purpose of this Information Day is to provide the participants with full
information on the goals and focus of CPA3, complemented by interventions by
experts from industry and university presenting the state of the art in this
area. Time will be reserved in the afternoon for presentations by the
proposers, as well as possibilities for networking and partnership
Commission officers will also be available for specific advice to the
through individual interviews.

To register, please use the attached registration form, and send it by fax or
email to the address specified below. Be sure to sign up for a project
presentation or a face to face meeting with Commission staff if you wish to
present or discuss a proposal to CPA3.
You can contact:
Fabienne Malané
tel.: +352 4301-32129
fax: +352 4301-38069

for additional information.

Registration Form         
Please send your completed registration form to:

First and Last Name:

Information Day
Cross-Programme Action 3: Use of Geographic Information
18 June 2001
Centre des Conférences A. Borschette, 36, rue Froissart, Brussels, Belgium

For those interested in making a proposal presentation and/or having a meeting
with Commission staff:

please indicate your choice(s) and the domain(s) covered by your proposal:

qProject presentationqMeeting with Commission staffCentre of gravity of the
proposal:qKA1: Systems and services for the citizenqKA2: New methods of
work and
electronic commerceqKA3: Multimedia content and toolsqKA4: Essential
technologies and infrastructures

Signature                                                       Date

Information Day
Cross-Programme Action 3: Use of Geographic Information
18 June 2001
Centre des Conférences A. Borschette, 36, rue Froissart, Brussels, Belgium

Draft agenda

09:30-10:00     Registration    

10.00-10:10     Welcome         

10:10-10:40     General presentation of the CPA3 call   

10.40-11:00     Coffee break    

11:00-12:30     Research and industrial perspectives

12:30-14:00     Lunch   

14:00-15:00     Presentations by potential proposers
        1 overhead per proposer only (2-3 min.)

15:00-17:00     Meeting with Commission staff and partnership development

17:00   End of the meeting

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