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Profile of ISMB-Istituto Superiore Mario Boella:
Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB) was established in July 2000 by the
founding members "Compagnia di San Paolo" and "Politecnico di Torino". During
year 2001 new industrial partners, Cerved, Motorola, STMicroelectronics and
TILab, joined ISMB. 

The mission of the Institute is to:
.     Build a national/international area of excellence in the ICT sector
.     Promote integration between subjects that operate on innovative projects
in ICT 
.     Activate research and further education programs
.     Help synergy between Academia and Industry
.     Boost new businesses and entrepreneurial activities in the ICT sector

The sectors in which ISMB is involved are: research, higher education training
and ICT business strategy, with a special focus on wireless technologies and
e-security. Several other research activities are currently undertaken in
collaboration with the industrial partners and with Politecnico di Torino in
areas such as automotive and ITS. ISMB is very active in postgraduate training
and education programs in research sectors, with a focus on e-Learning.
Particularly successful was the
e-Business Master initiative. Cooperations were established with the
of Illinois and Sophia Antipolis, enriched by cooperation with Latin
America on
the Alpip Technological Master programs.
Particularly important is the role that the Institute plays in the Torino
Wireless Foundation(where ISMB is the research branch). Torino Wireless,
promoted by relevant Public Institutions (Research Ministry, Piedmont Region,
Turin Province, Turin City Council, Commerce Chamber of Turin), by important
Private Enterprises (Alenia, FIAT, Motorola, STMicroelectronics, Telecom
Italia), by Banks and Banks Foundation (SanPaoloIMI, Unicredito, Compagnia di
SanPaolo, Fondazione CRT) and by the Industrial Union, the Polytechnic of
and the University of Turin, aims to build a Technological District in the
wireless sector with an emphasis on boosting new entrepreneurship starting
the technological excellence available locally. 
Project profile:

It is well known that demographic change is resulting in an ageing society.
European Commission has predict  that in a few years  about 30% of the
population will be over 65, with  serious issues in terms of financing  the
growth of healthcare costs. Technologies could play  an
increasingly relevant role in the future providing the possibility  of given
people  more choices in terms of quality of life and independence with
significant reduction  of costs Project guidelines: To develop and test
assistive services based on non invasive technologies and sensors positioned
both on the user or in the home /residence. Some levels of intelligence
the technical solution (intelligent, usable watch) can detect alert situations
and activate a call if the user is unable to do it. There are several 
technologies able to cope with these issues but only few service field trials 
have been carried out; the projects wants to cope with pre-commercial services
based on technical
solutions already available. The pre-commercial set up and on the ground
will be carried out taking into account two concrete scenarios such as:
.     Community people scenario
.     People at home

Both service-trials / market assessments will be based on 20-25 users for each
Partner Profile , considering that our proposal wants to cope with
pre-commercial trials, should have the following profiles:
.     Partners with skills in assistive technologies, tele-care and remote
.     Partners with expertises  in services  (social and health) and processes
related to elderly care and interested in developing pre-commercial trials
.     Partners with expertises in market assessment and business models

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