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To: patrick@schouller.com
From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Programme IST Action line II.1.5 / French PME search  partners

Who is krysalia: 
Krysalia LTD SME, works in studys and developments around   N.T.I.C
applications and  computer harware software solutions developpement. 

You can  see at :  www.krysalia.fr 

Description of our PROPOSAL (IST Action line II.1.5) : 
PROPOSAL  will provide to consumers/producers/resellers in rural areas,
access to integrate communication tools of market intelligence,  allowing
them to obtain high quality agricultural products and spot  "market niches". 
European participants will be able to get information on the products  they
trade, favouring market transparency and, at the same time, contribute to
the enhancement  of a sustainable development 
in rural agricultural communities of the  defined countries. 
The project will first undertake the definition of a global  system
architecture for a delivery platform and services,  with a conjunction of
tools that will allow the organisation to be present  in all markets.Proof
of concept will be achieved by experimental implementation in Rural
communities, connected among them and with the outer world, allowing the
European  users to obtain advantages in the suppliers' management process. 
PROPOSAL  would  permit also to experiment new self regulations methods  in
global agricultural economy ... 

European Partners skills and competencies that we are seeking : 
Complement competencies in : 
- Agro engineering markets, 
- Socio-cultural in rural economy, 
- Agricultural and rural organisation, 
- Computer software technologies knowledges.

For more information please contact

Henri IRLA

Representant national aux comites IST - TEN TELECOM - IAP & PROMISE
Ministere de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Industrie
Le Bervil  12 rue Villiot
75572 PARIS CEDEX 12
Telephone : 33 (0)1 53 44 94 25
Telecopie : 33 (0)1 53 44 98 51
Mel : patrick.schouller@industrie.gouv.fr