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From: "Patrick SCHOULLER" 
Subject: Commission / Programme IST / Atelier de
        préparation appel sur
        "embedded systems /16 mars 2005/ Bruxelles

Dear Colleagues, 
I am pleased to announce that, in preparation of the 5th Call for proposals of
the IST Priority of the 6th Framework Programme, an Information Day on
Systems will be held on Wednesday 16 March 2005 at the Centre Albert
Borschette, Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels.
The objective of this Information Day is three-fold. First, to present an
overview of the Call with focus on the research priorities. Second, to allow
interaction among participants; and third, to provide guidance to participants
regarding specific issues they may be facing in preparing their proposals. 
Click here to see the agenda:
In order to help us on the organisation of the event, you are kindly requested
to register:
and this not later than Monday 7 March. Early registration is recommended as
attendance may be limited subject to room availability.
If you would like to be included in our overview of planned proposals please
send us an abstract including partners list (total of maximum 2 pages) of any
proposal that you plan to submit to the embedded systems strategic
objective in
Call 5. If you do not have concrete plans for a proposal, but you would
like to
join other consortia, you are welcome to send us a page with your main
expertise and we will include this in the overview. Please send abstract or
expertise page to: Isabel.broman@cec.eu.int.
Those of you who wish to make a presentation of a planned IP proposal, please
note that it should be limited to 3 foils and last no more than 5 minutes.
Presentations in electronic form should be sent to Isabel.broman@cec.eu.int. 
Please be aware that the Commission can not offer any reimbursement of travel
expenses for this meeting. 
If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Looking forward to meeting you in Brussels on 16 March. 
Yours sincerely, 
Kostas Glinos 
Head of Embedded Systems Unit 

Ministère de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Industrie
Direction Générale des Entreprises - STSI
Représentant national aux comités des programmes IST, E-TEN, E-CONTENT,
Point de contact national E-TEN et SIAP