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Programme ISY / Préparation appel 5/ Access to and preservation of cultural and scientific resources/ réunion d'information à Luxembourg / 16 juin 2005
"Patrick SCHOULLER" 
Fri, 18 Mar 2005 17:00:10 +0100
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Dear Sir/Madam, 

As previously announced, the European Commission will publish in May/June 2005
the next call for proposals for IST projects under the Sixth EU Framework
Programme for R&D. Among the topics addressed in IST Call 5 is 'Access to and
preservation of cultural and scientific resources', the strategic objective
2.5.10 in the work programme for 2005-2006.

Focus of work will be on novel concepts and techniques to preserve the
availability of digital resources over time, and to support the increasing
complexity of digital cultural and scientific objects and repositories. 

A summary of the research goals in the cultural heritage domain with a link to
the full work programme is available from the DigiCult web site:

If you are interested in submitting a proposal you might wish to note in your
diary the information day organised by the European Commission, unit 'Learning
and Cultural Heritage' on 16 June in Luxembourg. The event aims at building
consensus on trends and challenges in future research, at developing better
understanding of the FP6 instruments, sharing ideas and experiences, and
helping to find partners for project consortia. Registration is free of

The agenda, an on-line registration form and other information will shortly be
accessible from the DigiCult events page:

pour plus d'information

Manuela Speiser
European Commission
Dissemination Officer
Directorate-General Information Society
Unit E3: Technology-enhanced Learning; Cultural Heritage
EUFO 1165A
L-2920 Luxembourg 
Tel.: (00352) 4301-38256
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e-mail: manuela.speiser@cec.eu.int
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