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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Tue May  2 15:10:42 2000
To: (Suppression de la liste des destinataires)
From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Societe italienne cherche partenaires pour projets europeens

Looking for European Partnership

A) The Italian group (proposers) :
       LOGITAL srl : Software engineering company, skilled in networking
systems and Internet solution. It will be the MAIN CONTRACTOR for the TEN
TELECOM project
       CONSORZIO FIA : no profit consortium expert in training and
related to systems to be implemented for enterprises.
       ASSONAUTICA NAZIONALE : Italian National Association for boating and
marine service development, linked to UNIONCAMERE structure. It has local
representation in almost every Italian Province and is very active in
sea and boating culture, mainly related to actions with Public Authorities.
       Others : Private investors, small boating enterprises, 

The project apply to 2.3 area : Trans-European Telecommunication applications
for SMEs
The Italian group has already prepared the basic proposal and is available to
grant, as requested by Ten Telecom, the availabilty to invest the 80-90% of
whole amount estimated for the development of the whole project.
- Whole estimated investment                            = 10 millions Euros
- Contribution required  for covering Phase 2 costs     = 1 million Euros
- Costs of Phase 2                                              = 2 millions
As provided in Ten Telecom, the required contribution is the 50% of the
Phase 2
estimated costs and doesn't exceed the 10% of the whole project costs.

B) Skill and Characteristics for aimed European Partners :
1.      Software or telecommunication enterprises
2.      Investment Companies

Able to :
       develop, promote and maintain networking applications
       put together a small group of national partners including some company
or association related with the nautical world
       make available a small estimated investment for the project, as
in Ten Telecom.

       To co-operate in the development (marketing research and validation
mainly) of the project in its own countries, with the aim at creating a real
European market picture.
       To give strength and to stress the Trans-national concept of that
initiative, fostering international co-operation and interconnection
       To disseminate results and to create the conditions for the system's
success all along Europe.
       To be partners in the subsequent phases related to system development,
start-up and exploitation.

Pour toute information

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