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       Partenaire public italien cherche partenaire econtent
       Fri, 7 Mar 2003 08:36:26 +0100 (MET)

An Italian Public Structure is looking for eContent partners for 3 projects
about Action Line 1.2 "Establishment of European digital data collections".
You will find below an explication of the project's objectives.
For information: dane@apre.it, digiacomo@apre.it

Best regard and wishes

Emanuela Dané
Apre- Agenzioa per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea-
Piazza Gulielmo Marconi 25
00144 Roma 
tel. +39065911817
email. dane@apre.it

PROJECT 1: AL 1.2 "Establishment of European digital data collections"
Marketing Management of Cultural, Sportive and Congressional Containers

Public entities have in their possession the information  regarding "containers" of  public property
Cultural one (theatres , multifunctional   centers), Sportive( Sport Infrastructure), as well

The information regarding the "containers" of private property ,are in possession of private
Those make difficult to manage and develop efficient marketing actions (coordinated and oriented to
all three market segment: cultural, sportive and congressional.)

The main aim of the Project is to make an common database of information regarding above mentioned
containers, as well  from public and  private property ,existing in one area, in order to facilitate
their management and to give all necessary information to all interested subjects.
This through utilization of adequate software, capable for fast and without barriers dissemination
and exchange of information.

Expected results:
-realization of territorial marketing 
- encouragement of utilization of containers
-realization,( in the Partner States) , of the territorial observatories for cultural , sportive and
congressional containers

There are to be distinguish 5 phases:
1) creation of an methodology for organization of the information: draw up a list of existing ( and
possibly involved) structures their characteristic, costs etc.
2) creation of an methodology for updating of information
3) planning and realization  of  software for management of the information, creation of web site
regarding the offer of the containers and existing structures 
4) analysis and planning of an European oriented marketing strategy
5) commercialization of the developed software 

Partner search for : Public entities, Technological and Commercial Concerns, 

PROJECT 2: AL 1.2 "Establishment of European digital data collections"
Creation of database of ideas regarding the tourist innovation
The Project aims to create a  common instrument capable to implement,  into various tourist systems
from different states, all information, examples and suggestions which could be transformed (by
tourist operators) into innovative tourist products.
The "bank" of ideas and projects is to be an sophisticated database of  constantly updated imagines
Of all product's innovations.
The "bank" could include the innovative products  already realized (wherever around the world), as
well as it could give the solutions for different aspects of certain structures (i.e. hotels,
seaside resorts etc.)
It can also be oriented  to urban infrastructures ,as  an interactive point for local
administrations, as well to different services from the tourist field.

Partner search for: Local public entities, Technological Concerns, Tourist Agencies

PROJECT 3: AL 1.2 "Establishment of European digital data collections"
Educational Database
Into sphere of the accompanying measures as well into sphere of exchange of good practice, the
project will realize an Educational Database, with aim to create a common database of the products
realized by schools regarding special projects.

The software for this Project is already realized and actually is in the phase of commercialization.
The Project consist of analysis and comparison of different experiences

Partner search for: Local public entities, Educational, Vocational Institutes