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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Thu Jun 21 10:17:59 2001
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: PME grecque de haute technologie recherche partenariat TEN

IDEC est une compagnie de haute-technologie située au Pirée, le port
Ses activités principales sont: télécommunications et réseaux informatiques,
développement de logiciel et multimédia , applications d’e-commerce, formation
et solutions d’Internet avancées. 

Cette Societe cherche des partenariats pour des projets TEN Telecom, elle est
deja elle meme impliquee dans plusieurs types de projets  (voir ci-dessous)

La personne responsable des projets TEN TELECOM est Mme. Elena Manolakaki,
email: elena@idec.gr

Elena Manolakaki
96, Rue Iroon Polytechniou, 185 36 Piree, Grece
Tel.: ++30 1 4286227, 4286675, 4286665,
Fax: ++30 1 4286228
E-mail: elena@idec.gr


IDEC is a training and consultancy company based in Piraeus, which is the port
of Athens. Clients of IDEC are both SMEs and the bigger Greek companies mostly
of the textile, clothing and food sectors, Entrepreneurs’ Associations, the
national Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, the Institute of Forest Research
in Athens, Universities and Chambers of Commerce/Industry. Our personnel are
mainly electrical, mechanical, chemical and software engineers with
post-graduated studies and a long-term experience in the industrial sector and
the environmental studies and impacts.
The premises of IDEC include a training-conference room of 50 people

IDEC ’s main activities are: 
Training and management consulting 
IDEC provides consultancy services to companies of industrial sector. IDEC ’s
main services are business plan, feasibility studies, production planning,
personnel management, quality management, and implementation of ISO- 9000
quality standard.
Training organised by IDEC in collaboration with chambers, associations of
entrepreneurs or individual companies may be either of short or longer
on topics such as business plan, marketing, work study, production planning
control, costing, technical and managerial issues, quality control,
learning to
learn, training of trainers, ISO 9000 etc. 
For this purpose, IDEC has developed a series of methods, games, manuals and
multimedia software tools. 
IDEC also provides consultancy services and technical assistance to the
National Labour Institute in the field of the EU initiative “EMPLOYMENT”. The
National Labour Institute is the National Coordination Unit of the EU
initiative “EMPLOYMENT” in Greece. 

Software and Multimedia Development
IDEC has studied the potential of using multimedia tools as powerful
tools for self-training, or better, as attractive and efficient supplement of
distance learning and in-class-training. It uses the most up-to-date
programming tools and produces tailor-made software to meet the specific needs
of its client companies. 
Furthermore, it has also developed self assessment training needs forecasting
tools for companies and employees of specific sectors. IDEC has also developed
a special software programme for online production planning and control in a
job floor factory using the most advanced technics. 
IDEC has developed a software tool for matching the specific needs of the
labour market needs of the supply and demand side of the labour market as far
as seamen are concerned. This tool is a part of an integrated methodology for
supporting employment.

Telecommunications, Computer Networks, EDI and INTERNET applications
IDEC is involved in projects in the field of telecommunications, computer
networks (LAN, WAN and EDI). IDEC is also developing INTERNET applications
using the most advanced development tools.

International Activities
IDEC participates in several International Networks, such as: ENIMM (European
Network for Integrated Materials Management), EUROPEAN MULTIMEDIA FORUM, FINE
(Fashion Industry Network Europe, E-UNITE, FERVET (Forum for European Research
in Vocational Education and Training).
IDEC co-operates with more than 170 institutes all through Europe and with
about 300 experts on specific fields.  Some of the major clients of IDEC are:
SMEs and the bigger Greek companies, Entrepreneurs’ Associations, Greek Union
of Masters and Mates, Greek Merchant Navy Purchers Union, Association of SME’s
and Ltds, The Greek Federation of Industrial Workers Union, The Greek
confederation of unions of agriculture co-operatives, Co-operative of
electricians of southern Greece, Greek Knitwear Industries Federation,
Universities, Chambers of Commerce/Industry.

IDEC has been involved in several projects of the European Union, specifically
in the following programmes: 
Especially in the 5th FRAMEWORK program, IDEC has participated in the


NAUTICA EUROPA- A European Integrated System for Services Management of
Boating and Nautical Tourism: Development of regional networks for local
markets. Such services system can foster the nautical world to enter in the
so-called "global society" addressing to entreprises, consumers and

VICENT- Virtual Centre for Business Development and Innovation: Development of
on-line services providing Information and Resources, Business Creation
Support, Business School and Business Co-operation opportunities.

ENNIS- European Neurological Network in Information Society: Development of an
Internet portal offering knowledge-based multimedia, multilingual services.
services and tools aim at training, health care and information through the

CertiVeR- Certificate Validation and Revocation Service: Creation of a secure
central repository for Certificate Revocation information, aiming at reduced
delay in delivering revocation information and greater security in the
electronic signature verification.


WebSET- Web-based Standard Education Tools: Development of advanced Web-based
technologies to implement innovative cost-effective learning tools for young

SILK-System Integration via Logic & Knowledge: Development of a knowledge
management tool-set for software systems integration tasks.

e-Living- Life in a Digital Europe: Large-scale comparative panel study for
description and explanation of the behaviour relating to the uptake and usage
of information and communications technology (ICT) at the domestic level.

e-BSAN- e-Business Service Accounting Network: Creation of a virtual and
community for e-consulting services for SMEs and public sector.

EduCAT- Education Content Assembly Tool: Testbed of a new, innovative,
multimedia toolset by educators who will evaluate the functionality,
acceptability and usability of the toolset by using it to produce interactive
education software.

Key personnel
Panos Katsambanis: He is a mechanical engineer specialised in industrial
engineering (Technical University of Athens). He has also attended courses in
vocational education (Higher faculty of pedagogical studies in Athens) and has
get a M.Sc. in Regional Development (Institute of Regional Development,
Athens). He has worked as consultant at the technical assistance department of
EOMMEX, (Hellenic Organisation for small and Medium Sized Enterprises and
Handicraft). Since 1989 he is the general manager of IDEC being responsible
the coordination for training programmes in distance learning, innovation
training programmes and R&D projects such as the Greek telematics programme
“Introduction of EDI in knitting companies and ESPRIT (QUATEX Quality Control
for the Textile Industries). He also holds the post of development and
authoring of multimedia training material and software for specific purpose
of the development of Internet applications.
Sofia Spiliotopoulou: She is a chemical engineer (Technical University of
Athens) and Economist (University of Athens). She has also studied Regional
Development M.Sc. (Institute of Regional Development). She has attended
in SME technical assistance and consultancy, training of trainers programmes
(in Greece, France, Italy 100 hours), training on specific software packages
(various courses, in different countries, about 400 hours), learning to learn
(100 hours, Gwent Tertiary College, U.K.). She has worked in private
EOMMEX (Hellenic Organization for SMEs and handicraft) as an SME consultant
head of SME training. She is EUROPEAN PROJECTS manager of IDEC LTD. She has
experience in technology generation and technology transfer, cooperation with
ILO for co-operatives managers training, computer aided courseware
study and multimedia educational CD-ROM on the applications of informatics and
telematics in SMEs, authoring and development of training multimedia packages,
use of  INTERNET  in training, authoring of training manuals, study on the
implementation of EDI and e-commerce, management of over 70 transnational

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