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We are a training centre from Poland. Browsing through the website of
Polish State Committee for Scientific Research we found your name and other
data. We have been seeking potential partners in France. 

We have already prepared a project the main ideas of which are as follows:

   -          making a tool (so called LMS platform) that would allow us to
manage various  trainings: e-learning, blended and traditional trainings

   -          creating an e-learning training on the basis of EWS SDK tool
which provides dynamic  scenarios. We are going to carry out the training
sessions preparing for TELC examination, specialist trainings covering
different areas of vocabulary including EU, economy and interdisciplinary
trainings concerning environmental protection "Living Water"

   -          research comparing e-learning, blended and traditional
workshops effectiveness

   -          legal, IT technology, psychological (putting emphasis on
pedagogical and androgogical fields) expertise related to e-learning

To meet our future targets we offer our partners:

   -          partnership and mutual cooperation in our activities on each
stage - to be settled

   -          taking into consideration their ideas and experience in those

We think we should also cover cultural aspect (the research comparing
cultures) in offered
areas, especially determined in the priorities of e-ten programme.

 Pour toute information sur ce partenaire :

Edyta Apanas
Senior Trainings Coordinator
Global Language Centre sp. z o.o.
tel. +48 (022) 870 75 50
tel./fax +48 (022) 810 11 14

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