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       Entreprise polonaise cherche partenaire e content
       Tue, 11 Mar 2003 19:06:08 +0100 (MET)

Multilingual and Multicultural Service for Exchange of Business Activity Content (SEBAC)

    SEBAC is a multilingual service that allows creation, active exchange and maintenance of unique
content (offers and solutions) that results from meeting of proposals and needs of remote
(geographically) and diversified from cultural, language, social (education level) and economic
point of view individuals, environments or local communities.

    Traditional methods of creation and distribution of content important for business or non-profit
activities are formed by our habits and traditional media (TV, newspapers etc.). They are working
good enough in large or cultural homogeneous environments but are ineffective in small, remote and
diversified communities. The fact that SEBAC uses methods (for creation, finding and dissemination
of content) that are based on new media (the Internet) allows us to break barriers that hinder free
and effective exchange of content among those communities. 

    SEBAC is a service based on the Internet, XML and BPML, that allows:
1. Finding, creation and dissemination of basic content in a form of offers, ideas, needs of local
communities, environments or individuals in order to process or adapt them to the needs of global
(country, Europe, world) or other local market.
2. Creation of new solutions that will result from discussion over basic content. It could be:
a. New content - offers and solutions that appear at the moment of meeting of offer/need or
individual/local community/global market/professional knowledge
b. Business models - new business models that are adapted to the needs of local communities
3. Providing assistance for business activities in the area of:
a. Creation, dissemination and maintenance of business offers
b. Dynamic creation of co-operation links among diversed (and remote) enterprises in order to gather
required labour and resources for taking advantage of common business activities
c. Access to advisors (law, taxes etc.) 
d. Collection and exchange of information
e. Education
f. Translation and localisation

    Our goal is also to provide a set of plain, understandable and acceptable for small and remote
communities business models that will allow them to establish and successfully run a small or medium
enterprise, which will effectively use local resources. The global market, on the other hand, will
get access to very diversified, unique offer of local products, ideas and services. 

About our project:
 Demonstration project from Action Line 2.1. 
 Work planned for 24 month. 
 Estimated worth 3 million Euro. (1.5 million Euro from EC). 
 Planned number of partners: 5-6.


Computer Center - Regional Data Bank at Pomeranian Governor's Office in Gdansk (Poland).
    CC was established by the Pomeranian Governor in 1993. CC employs currently over 60 specialists
in the fields of: computer engineering, analysis, design and development of computer application,
education and others. 
   CC main tasks are: maintenance of Population Registry and Vehicle Registry for the Pomeranian
Region. It also carries out various projects for the Ministry of Justice, Police, Internal Security
Agency (ABW), Military Intelligence (WSI) and other government agencies. CC also provides hosting
services and computer courses, designing web applications and databases.
    CC participated in three projects from FP 5: e-learning projects TELENET and HOPE and e-business
project e-Minder. 

    Agencja Informatyczna (AI), located in Gdansk, Poland was established in 1990. From the early
beginning AI has focused on a .mission-critical" information systems for industry, administration,
banking and social insurance, which have been on mainframe, UNIX, Windows and for the last few years
also on the Internet technology. Since 1992 AI has provided maintenance, consultations and training
for almost 30 polish partners and clients, mainly on about DBMS and integration technology. AI has
developed and invented a system for the Polish Airlines, the biggest Polish truck and tractor
factories, shipyard consortium and steelwork. One of AI's products is a countrywide Internet based
Payment and Purchase System invented for Orlen S.A. - the biggest Polish oil company.

    For a few years AI has maintained the Vehicle Registry and Population Registry for Pomeranian
and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Regions - the application developed in co-operation with the Computer Centre.

    In co-operation with a group of over twenty computer companies AI has participated in creating
and exploiting of several information systems for Polish insurance institutions - National Social
Insurance Institution (ZUS) and Agricultural Social Insurance Found (KRUS).

    At present AI works on the newest product: ACTAVIS - Business Process Management System. It is
an effect of developing AI's conceptions concerning new areas of applying IT. It goes beyond
standard understanding of systems like workflow management or document management. It is focused on
modelling and automatisation multifarious processes of heterogeneous organisations, which work in a
changeable environment, actively collecting, processing, emitting and reacting to a wide scope of
various information.

We are looking for partners that will help us in:
 management and economy (academic level (education), non-profit organisation, ...)
 translation and localisation
 intellectual rights regulations
 pilot execution of SEBAC

The contact person of this project is Mr. Przemek Piatkowski
przemekp@uwgda.gov.pl .

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