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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Wed Mar  6 08:37:53 2002
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: Conference European Research 2002 / 11-12-13 Novembre 2002 /

La Commission europeenne annonce le l'organisation d'une grande conference
de lancement du VI° PCRDT a Bruxelles du 11 au 12 novembre 2002

pour toute information


mais on peut deja lire :

From 11 to 13 November 2002 the European Commission will hold a major
conference to mark the launch of the EU's Sixth Framework Programme for
research, which will cover the period from 2002 to 2006.
Based on the experience of a similar event in February 1999 which attracted
over 5 000 participants the conference will be a major forum to present the
objectives and priorities of the Framework Programme and to explain rules
for participation. At the same time the conference is meant to create
opportunities for scientific debate and exchange of best practice beyond
those subjects addressed in the Framework Programme.

The overall structure and content of the conference is shown in the programme.

The major features of this three-day event are as follows.

Plenary sessions addressing all the main thematic priorities of the
Framework Programme as well as the cross-cutting issues of the European
Research Area such as human resources and mobility, patenting and
intellectual property, etc.

Sessions providing guidance on How to participate in the Framework Programme.

In a major innovation compared with the 1999 conference, symposia,
workshops and poster sessions will be designed and organised using a
bottom-up approach. This participants' forum will be organised by
scientists, industrial researchers, research users, organisations and
associations, and others working in or affected by research and technology
on topical subjects relevant for research and society - though not
necessarily related to the Framework Programme. The European Commission
will supply the platform and create an appropriate environment. See the
call for proposals for background information, the practical conditions and
the form to be used for the submission of a proposal.

Project presentations for the media and a wider audience, presenting the
aims and results of research projects carried out under past EU research
programmes or other programmes involving international co-operation .

Exhibition: in parallel with the conference, there will be a major
exhibition, providing space for some 150 stands, where interesting
EU-sponsored research projects will be on display; this will complement the
verbal project presentations mentioned before and promote the networking
and integration of research activities in Europe. Space will also be
available to accommodate corporate stands from European research
organisations and national organisations having developed genuine European
programmes for researchers. See the call for proposals for background
information, the practical conditions and the form to be used to request
space in the exhibition.

Press: there will be two press briefings each day; interviews and
background discussions will be facilitated wherever possible. A fully
equipped pressroom in a central location will be available. Technical
assistance will be provided to journalists from the audio-visual press.

The Conference will be held in the Palais du Heysel  in Brussels.

On-line registration will be possible via this site from 15 April.


Participants will cover their own travel and accommodation costs.
Resotel, a hotel and reservations service, have negotiated special rates
for all delegates attending the conference. Here is a booking form listing
the various hotels available. 
If you wish to book a hotel that is not on the list, Resotel will be
pleased to help you with this too (tel: +32-2-779 39 39; fax: +32-2-779 39

Conference fee
€180 (€60 for participants from countries having applied for EU
membership). The conference fee covers documents, meals and coffee during
the conference. It will be waived for the press, and entrance to the
exhibition will be free for teachers and students.

Further information
                                            Information and Communication Unit
                                            Directorate-General for Research
                                            European Commission
                                            Tel: +32-2-295 99 71
                                            Fax: +32-2-295 82 20

The detailed programme will be updated over the coming months as session
details become available. It will also include events planned following the
call for  proposals and reflect any other changes. The final printed
programme will be available at the conference.

Elle lance aussi un appel a proposition d'intervention pour cette conference

                                              Participants' forum
                                                Call for proposals


Conference participants are invited to organise their own scientific events
- such as workshops and round tables - within the framework of the EU
conference. Rooms with capacities ranging from 60 to 180 seats will be at
their disposal, and events will take place throughout the three days of the
conference. These events will be announced in the final programme as well
as on the conference web site. 
Participants willing to organise an event are invited to submit a proposal
to the Commission using this form (PDF 13kB; on-line submission will be
available shortly). 
Preference will be given to proposals concerning topical and interesting
issues relevant to both European research and European society at large.
Proposed speakers should be good communicators and represent a variety of
views and approaches in relation to a given subject. Involvement of young
scientists as organisers and participants to these events is strongly

                          How to apply

Proposals must be submitted to the European Commission either using this
form (PDF 13kB) or on-line (available shortly) not later than 30 June 2002.
The result of the Commission's selection will be announced in September 2002. 
Proposals will be selected with the objective of covering a wide range of
scientific and  technological areas, according to the following criteria: 
interest of the subject 
quality (competence and European/international scope) of the panel proposed 
impact on/relevance to European society 
demonstration of a clear contribution from European research or project(s) 
involvement of young scientists. 
Representant national aux comites IST - TEN TELECOM - IAP - PROMISE; E CONTENT

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