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From: "Patrick SCHOULLER" 
Subject: Programme  européen safer internet / appel  d'offre / date  limite 28 février 2005/

A call for tenders for benchmarking of filtering software and services has
been published in the Official Journal of the European Union S243 of


Time-limit for receipt of tenders is 28 February 2005.

The tender documentation may be obtained until 22 February 2005 from:

European Commission, DG Information Society, Directorate E, 
Att: Mr Pierre-Paul Sondag, 
Unit E4 - Information Market, Jean Monnet Building,
Plateau de Kirchberg, Office EUFO 1187, 
L-2920 Luxembourg. 
Tel.: +352/4301-34480. 
Fax: +352/4301-34959. 
E-mail: pierre-paul.sondag@cec.eu.int. 

The technical specifications, without administrative details, will also be
published shortly on the Safer Internet Web site http://europa.eu.int/iap/.

Excerpt from the notice in the Official Journal:

Safer Internet programme: benchmarking of filtering software and services 

The general purpose of this study is an expert,
vendor/supplier-independent, objective assessment of the filtering software
and services currently available and recommendations for future products
and services, as well as lines of applied research.

Work will focus on benchmarking of filtering products and services
considering effectiveness, performance, usability, configurability,
transparency, resistance to hacking and other security issues, suitability
for European users and new forms of digital content. The scope of the
benchmarking will include software designed to filter spam.

The duration of the contract will be 3 years, so as to allow in-depth
preparation of methodology and a series of benchmarking exercises so as to
provide updated information. The independent contractor(s) will work under
the oversight of a small Steering Committee, drawn from representatives of
the public interest and child welfare/family/consumer issues. They will
also consult fully with industry and user reference groups.

Indicative amount: 500 000 EUR for whole costs of study.

Ministère de l'Economie des Finances et de l'Industrie
Représentant national aux comités des programmes IST, E-TEN, E-CONTENT, SIAP
Point de contact national E-TEN et SIAP