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SANITAS S.A. one  of the biggest healthcare insurance company in Spain is
currently developing an eTEN project , NetULIS  (www.netulis.com) the scope
of the project is Spain, UK, France and 
Italy. The project objective, very summarized, is to scale up to a
European scope a healthcare company that aggregates demand from  hospitals
to get better price conditions from suppliers (This
company  already works in Spain, ULIS, www.ulis.es, and gets good savings
for its  clients). It also gives advice of the most suitable product for
their   necesities.

Currently SANITAS is working on the market validation stage, where pilot
test must be developed. The company is looking for some french hospitals
that may be interested  in doing pilot tests with us getting very
advantageous prices.

For more information

Javier Illana
Ribera del Loira, 52
28042 Madrid


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