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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Thu Dec 14 18:33:44 2000
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: first european workshop on innovative mass storage
  technologies "IMST'2001"

MINATEC    GRENOBLE    April 3 and 4th 

First European Workshop on 

"Solutions for the Future"

Scope of the conference: 

The first European Workshop on Innovative Mass Storage Technologies 
"IMST 2001" will be held in Grenoble on April 3 and 4th . "IMST 2001" is 
organised during the MINATEC week on micro and nano-technologies (April 2 to 
6th). "IMST 2001" aims to make connections between research lab work and 
industrial developments in the area of new storage techniques. "IMST 2001" 
will give an overview of the activities of European industry in this very 
important field and will compare the position in Europe to that in the US 
and Japan. "IMST 2001" will bring together leading experts from both 
academic and industrial laboratories , thereby providing an outstanding 
opportunity for participants to meet their colleagues, to discuss new 
developments and to plan new collaborations. The introductory session will 
be centred on an industrial overview by the major European players, followed 
by a presentation of new developments by overseas (US and Japanese) 
speakers. The prominent topics of "IMST 2001" will be ultra-high density 
optical recording (e.g. short wavelength, superesolution, near field), 
scanning probe based storage and hard disk future technologies. Storage 
technologies have numerous links with micro and nanotechnologies. So, the 
participants will enjoy the additional opportunity to attend the sessions of 
the MINATEC conference during the same week.

Scientific Committee: 
Yves SAMSON , Chairman CEA/DRFMC, Grenoble (France) 
Claude CHAPPERT Orsay University (France) 
Cock LODDER Twente University  (Netherlands) 
Hartmut RICHTER THOMSON multimedia Corporate  (Germany) 
Benedetto VIGNA ST Microelectronics, Cornaredo  (Italy) 
David WRIGHT Exeter University, (England)

Organizing Committee: 
Bernard BECHEVET, Chairman CEA/Leti Grenoble (France) 
Veronique GEHANNO CEA/Leti Grenoble (France) 
Pierre GAUD CEA/Leti Grenoble (France) 
Yves SOUCHE CNRS Grenoble (France) 
Smail TEDJINI LCIS Valence ( France) 
Ludovic POUPINET CEA/Leti Grenoble (France)

Secretary : 
Caroline VACHER CEA/DTA Grenoble 
Tel: 00 (33) (0)4 76 88 30 78 - fax: 00 (33) (0) 4 88 51 02 
E-mail: caroline.vacher@cea.fr  

17, Rue des Martyrs 
38054 GRENOBLE Cedex 9 (France)

Prospective planning of IMST 2001: Tuesday 3th:
8H30 Opening session 
Local representative and European project  officer 
8h45 Industrial prospects 
THOMSON multimedia (JC. Hourcade) 
Philips (W. Leibbrandt) 
MPO (L. de POIX) 
Seagate (William O'Kane ) 
10h30 Coffee break 
11h00 Overseas Invited speakers: 
1- "Phase change technology": T. Otha  (Matsushita) 
2- "Frontiers in magnetic recording": A.Moser (IBM Almaden) 
3- " Recording Technology". S. Naberhuis ( HP) 
4- Millipede for the future: P.  Vettiger (IBM Zurich)
12h30 Lunch
14h00 Magneto-optical recording 
Presidents: H. Legall - H. Richter 
15h30 Coffee break 
16h00 Phase change recording 
Presidents: T. Otha - V. Gehanno 
17h30 Solid state memories (M-RAM; PC-RAM) 
Presidents: B. Vigna - B. Dieny
19h00 Free 
20h00 Dinner at the Grenoble museum

Wednesday 4th
8h30 Magnetic recording 
Presidents: C. Chappert - Y. Samson 
10h30 Coffee break 
11h00 Nanometer recording : near field and microprobe technologies 
Presidents: C. Lodder - Y. Souche
12h30 Lunch
14h00 Towards 3D recording: multi-level, holography and alternatives 
Presidents : D. Wright - S. Tedjini 
15h30 Coffee break 
16h00 Closing session 
16h30 End of the workshop 

Registration is made at ATRIA from Monday evening. On Monday evening 
a welcome meeting is organised at ATRIA. Participation is 250F/day for 
university participants, and 500F/day for the others. 

Hotel accommodation: 

Places have been reserved with preferential fees. The list will be given in
MINATEC brochure. 
Outline topics for the workshop (normal session): 
Each topic can include research on heads, devices, materials,  systems etc. 
Short wavelength optical recording 
Probe recording 
SIL/Near field 
Holography and alternatives (e.g. multi-level recording) 
New media 
M-RAM; F-RAM; Ovonic -RAM
Abstract submission: 
Deadline for the abstract is January 12th. 
Decision of acceptance of the paper is February 15th 
Deadline for the full paper submission is March 15th
Preparation of digest: 
Each author is requested to submit a digest written in English as 
described below. Papers will be selected by the Scientific Committee on the 
basis of originality and results significance. 
An electronic document for digest should be prepared on Microsoft 
Word (.doc) and sent to: caroline.vacher@cea.fr 
The text of E-mail must include the following: 
(1) Title of the paper 
(2) Author(s) 
(3) Affiliation 
(4) Address 
(5) Subject category number listed in 
the scope 
(6) Name, mailing address , telephone, 
fax number and E-mail address of the authors 
The digest must be written within a 17cmx22cm rectangular area for 
reproduction by offset on A4-size paper. The abstract is limited to 1 page. 
The paper is limited to 4 pages length, including figures, tables, results, 
discussion and references. Text with 6 lines per inch and 10 points font is 
recommended. The title (capital letters), author's name(s), affiliation(s), 
address(es), E-mail must be written at the top of the first page. 
A sample format for preparing will be available on the WEB site 
A short booklet with abstracts will be given to the participants 
after the registration. 
The proceedings will be published after the workshop.

Veronique Gehanno 
LETI, CEA-Grenoble 
17 rue des Martyrs 
38 054 Grenoble, cedex 9 
tel : 33 4 76 88 43 07 
fax : 33 4 76 88 51 02 

Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances et de l'Industrie
Secrétariat d'Etat à l'Industrie
Direction générale de l'Industrie, des Technologies de l'Information et de la
Service des Technologies et de la Société de l'Information
Sous Direction des Programmes et de la Prospective
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