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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Fri May 14 08:26 MET 1999
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: 1st European Regional Telematics Conference

1st European Regional Telematics Conference

  Organised in the framework of the EDC project, a support action of the EC
Telematics Applications

                                     Tanum (West-Sweden)

                                          15-16 June, 1999

       Conference Secretariat website and online registration

  Dear Sir/Madam,

  It is our great pleasure to announce the 1st conference on telematics
opportunities for regional development that will be held in
  Tanum (Sweden) on 15-16 June 1999. The purpose of this event is to raise
awareness among Regions, Towns and Cities on the
  benefits of telematics technologies applied to regional development, on
the basis of the results of European joint pilot projects..
  The conference will be followed by an EC concertation meeting for the
projects of the action line "Integrated Applications for
  Digital Sites".

  This event is organised by the TeleRegions Network and TeleCities in the
framework of the European Digital Cities (EDC)
  project, a support action of the European Commission's Telematics
Applications Programme.

  Contributions will cover the following themes:

       Support to rural development
       Case studies on economic benefits of new telematics services
       Transfers between cities and regions
       Teledemocracy and culture heritage
       Regional telematics services to support Small and Medium size
       Social inclusion
       Quality of life
       Reorganisation of work in European regions

  The conference is organised around two major keynotes on telematics for
regional development and the economy of telematics
  services that will illustrated by the contributions received. About 300
experts are expected from all over Europe: local and
  regional authorities, research institutions, industry and network operators.

  In parallel to the event, a wide range of existing telematics applications
will be demonstrated within the cyber-café.

  For information on the conference location and online registration forms:

       EDC coordination office
       c/o Eurocities
       18 square de Meeûs, B-1050 Brussels
       Tel: +32 2 552 0868 - Fax: +32 2 552 0889
       Email: telecities@mcr1.poptel.org.uk
       WEB page at: http://www.edc.eu.int/events/

  We look forward to welcoming you in Tanum (Sweden).

  Yours sincerely,

  Eric Mino
  European Digital Cities project coordinator
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