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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Mon Jun 11 16:05:50 2001
To: (Suppression de la liste des destinataires)
From: Patrick Schouller 

I would like to get a contact person in the field of european public
transport information (Transport and Mobilty) for the services that 9h59 is
developping and selling ; here is a short description of our company, R&D,
and already available and sold products :

- 9h59 is a Société Anonyme under french law ; its capital is 440.000 Euros

- 9h59: offer door-to-door public transport information throughout Europe

- Where and how it can be used: everywhere (Web, handheld devices), for
every occasion (commuting, one-time journeys), for long or short distances

- Purpose:
- facilitate the organisation of urban and interurban journeys throughout
Europe with complete and standardised transport solution on Web & WAP devices
- assist travellers during their journeys with real-time information about
their transportation means on handheld devices (WAP, PDA)

- Positioning: be the first „info-mediary“ in the transportation domain.
This position is based on two core activities: transport databases
standardisation and integration, multi-modal journey planning

- Users: Three different markets are tackled

- 9h59 „White Label“, a range of personalised services for portals and Mass
Public information sites. Two types of value added services are offered:
9h59 Mobility (bus, train, subway, airplane ; practical information, cab‘s
telephone number, emergency number, maps, itineraries...) and 9h59 Travel
(creation of a customised roadbook, real time transport information on
handheld devices)
- 9h59 Pro for travel agencies, with a personalised IS for travel agencies
(IATA interface included) ; specific roadbook with the graphic of the
agency can be produced for the end-user ; dedicated infrastructure
- 9h59 Technology for Transport Organisation, distribution of software and
hardware for the conception and realisation of Web sites integrating the
urban and interurban public transportation means (timetable update,
disturbances monitoring, journey planning)

- IT content: software for the creation of standardised transport
information databases, monitoring software for traffic disturbances,
software for the digitalisation of public transport network, geographical
and behavi-our matching software (for the car-pooling part), multi-modal
transport information software

For further information, you can visit our institutional site : www.9h59.com
or contact us directly.


Thomas Herlin (for french, english, german and spanish partners)
9h59 - 1, cité Paradis - 75010 Paris - http://www.9h59.com
Tel fixe : +33 1 447 999 27
Tel mobile : +33 662 31 25 88
work map : http://www.9h59.com/v2/ik/viewHTML.asp?Id=1410

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Sous Direction des Programmes et de la Prospective
le BERVIL - 12 rue Villiot  - 75572 PARIS CEDEX 12
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