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From patrick.schouller@inria.fr Mon May  6 15:33:14 2002
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From: Patrick Schouller 
Subject: TEN TELECOM / aide gratuite au montage de business plan /
  projet BPS

le projet BPS est un projet finance dans le cadre du programme TEN telecom et
destine a aider les futurs proposants dans la preparation de leur projet et
tout particulierement du business plan;
Ce projet BPS communique son plan d'aide pour les prochains appels au travers
de sa lettre d'information a laquelle vous pouvez vous abonner :

May we turn your attention to
1. the Commission's assessment procedures for TEN-Telecom business plans, 
2. an article on how to write a convincing executive summary, 
3. upcoming events from the business planning, venture capital,  and
company start-up scene, as well as 
4. an advance notice on the TEN-Telecom Project Days.

******1. Assessment of TEN-Telecom Business Plans******

In order to detect weaknesses in TEN-Telecom business plans and to have a 
means to help projects improve their business plans, TEN-Telecom has  started
to assess the plans in a more formalised way. The experts who carry  out the
assessments concentrate on completeness and comprehensibility, as  well as on
the description of benefits. The assessment method and its 
results are transparent and simplified by using newly developed  standardised
templates. BPS has published these assessment templates on its  website.
TEN-Telecom projects are encouraged to make use of these resources  which help
making a self check of the business plan. Working through the  complete
checklist should normally lead to a business plan which complies  with the
usual requirements.

The assessment forms are available for download at: 
(go to Services, Assessment of TEN-Telecom Business Plans) 
Note: You need to be a registered user to access the download area. 
Registration on the BPS website is free of charge and without any

****** 2. Elements of a Successful Business Plan: The Executive  Summary******

Since the start of Business Plan Support (BPS) in 2001, we could identify
common shortcomings of TEN-Telecom business plans. We are starting a
series on
these findings beginning with this edition of the BPS Sprinter. 
This edition deals with the first chapter of the business plan, the  Executive
The Executive Summary is the most important section of a business plan in
it usually determines the readers' judgement of the entire plan. It  gives a
quick overview, and provides everything that a reader who is under  time
pressure must know about the project. This means that the Executive
Summary is
NOT a simple introduction into the subject but rather a  synthesis of the
"selling points" for the project. It is NOT a summary of  the individual
of the business plan but rather a synopsis of all  insights gained during the
compilation of the business plan.
It is obvious that one will only be able to accurately formulate the most 
powerful arguments in favour of a project after one has dealt with all
of it. The Executive Summary can thus only be written at the very  end, even
though it is then placed at the beginning of the business plan. 
This marks a difference to an academic report, where the conclusions are 
placed at the end of the document.
Finally, the Executive Summary should be clear, comprehensive, realistic,  and
limited to about two pages.

******3. Events******

Please note the following events from the business planning, venture  capital,
and company start-up scene:
May 7, 2002 
12. Jungunternehmertag, Junge Wirtschaft/ WK-Wien/Bank Austria/WWFF, 
Austria Center Wien, A-Vienna 
May 7, 2002 
Business Plan Crashkurs 3: Finanzplanung, EXIST-High TEPP, Business Plan 
Wettbewerb Nordbayern, D-Bamberg 
May 7, 2002 
Gruendertag, WIFI Salzburg, A-Salzburg 
May 13-17, 2002 
OÖ. Gruender-Woche, Gruender-Service und Junge Wirtschaft OÖ, A-Linz 
May 13-15, 21 and 23, 2002 
5-day seminar Existenzgruendungs-Seminar Wege zur Selbstaendigkeit, 
Industrie- und Handelskammer, D-Frankfurt/Main 
May 15, 2002 
2. Stuttgarter Eigenkapitalkongress, PUSH! Partnernetz fuer 
Unternehmensgruendungen aus Stuttgarter Hochschulen, D-Stuttgart 
May 24-26, 2002 
Deutsche Gruender- und Unternehmertage, Senatsverwaltung fuer Wirtschaft, 
Arbeit und Frauen, Messe Berlin, D-Berlin 
May 25, 2002 
Leitfaden fuer eine erfolgreiche Existenzgruendung, Industrie- und 
Handelskammer, D-Koeln 
May 25, 2002 
Wie mache ich mich selbststaendig?, SIHK zu Hagen, D-Hagen 
May 31 - June 1, 2002 
Gruenderwerkstatt-Workshop Berlin, BJU Bundesverband Junger Unternehmer der 
ASU e. V., Hotel Schloss Luebbenau, D-Berlin 
June 5-8, 2002 
Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities, S-Stockholm 
June 13, 2002 
Founders Night, High Tech Center Nord, D-Nuernberg 
June 21-23, 2002 
Gruender- und Jungunternehmertage, Junge Wirtschaft Wr. Neustadt, A-Wiener 
http://wko.at/noe/wr.neustadt / Veranstaltungen
July 4, 2002: 
Kontaktboerse fuer Ideen und Chancen-Kapital, D-Muenster 

You wish to publish any events of the business plan or venture capital  arena?
Write to us!

******Advance Notice******

BPS is about to start a series of TEN-Telecom Project Days. The Project  Days
will focus on the particular needs of TEN-Telecom projects with regard  to
preparing their business plans. In lectures and workshops, participants  will
be provided with practical guidance and assistance in writing the 
individual chapters of their TEN-Telecom business plan. Successful project 
teams will share their experience in compiling their draft and full  business
plan. Furthermore, free of charge one-to-one advice is foreseen  for selected
The tentative dates for these events are 7 June, 27 September, and 29
2002. Invitations to the events as well as to the one-to-one  sessions will be
distributed by the TEN-Telecom unit. Watch out for more  details on the
TEN-Telecom project days in the next editions of the BPS  Sprinter.

******Business Plan and Venture Capital Jargon******

Executive Summary: 
First chapter of a business plan; it contains the "selling points" for the 
project and is presented in a concise, convincing form.

If you have any queries regarding TEN-Telecom business plans, please  contact
our help desk team at 


Project Coordinator: 
SystemConsult Theis & Partner GmbH 
Olgastrasse 12 
D-72555 Metzingen 
Tel. (++49) 7123 / 9202-48 
Fax (++49) 7123 / 9202-49 
e-mail: bpsinfo@tentelecom-bps.net
If you wish to obtain a complete picture of the EU TEN-Telecom programme, 
please visit the TEN-Telecom web site: 

You can find a pdf version of the BPS Sprinter under "News" at 

We hope you enjoyed reading the BPS Sprinter and we will be happy to send  you
further editions of this newsletter. However, if you wish to  unsubscribe the
BPS Sprinter, please send a message to 
bpssupport@tentelecom-bps.net  with the subject "unsubscribe".
BPS distributes this newsletter to enhance public access to information  about
its initiatives and European Union initiatives in general. We work  hard to
publish timely and accurate information and we appreciate readers? 
comments to improve performance. However, BPS cannot accept any
or liability whatsoever with regard to this publication.
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