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       Ville de berlin cherche partenaire pour projet E-TEN
       Fri, 25 Jul 2003 09:39:59 +0200 (MEST)

TOURMOBIL - A TOURist MOBILe information and navigation Service

Executive summary
TOURMOBIL will provide tourists with a mobile eService that offers
entertainment-related, cultural and other information as well as
location-based navigation support. The service that already exists as a
pilot in Berlin will be customised to the wishes, interests and needs of the
individual traveller. The project builds on the considerable increase in the
use of mobile navigation systems for pedestrians that could be witnessed in
the last couple of years. For example in museums and other large exhibitions
such as congresses or conventions, several types of information devices have
supported visitors in finding their way, ranging from audio-only tour guides
to handheld-based navigational aids.
However, up to now the transported visions of and existing applications for
such devices are often far from what the potential users are looking for to
find additional value in and consequentially accept modern information and
navigation systems: individualised and high-quality multi-media content
according to the user's own areas of interest and referring to the actual
location of the user that can be downloaded autonomously whenever he or she
wants to do so on a personal digital assistant (PDA) or accessible via a
The TOURMOBIL project takes into account this user orientation. In order to
be able to comply with the specific demands, it has been developed in close
cooperation with the potential applicants and puts forward a mobile
information and navigation system that offers location-dependent,
individualised and user-determined content for download on a PDA.
Up to now, this sort of individualised yet well-informed travelling
independent of guided tour groups was only possible for those travellers who
prepared their visit to a foreign destination well in advance. Still,
individual tourists require relevant information such as public
transportation timetables, museum offers, ticketing service or other
tourist-relevant city information, not only when at home preparing their
travel, but also when on the spot, in an up-dated version. 
Here, TOURMOBIL steps in and offers a comprehensive mobile tourist service,
including location-based, time-dependent information and navigation support,
event advertisement as well as ticketing opportunities that is tailor-made
to the interests, requirements and needs of the respective users.
The TOURMOBIL network consists of three major components:
 the locally distributed static service nodes, representing the service
 the temporary personal information network, constructed by assuming roles
to be played by clients; and
 the buddy that provides orientation and guiding and communicates the
temporary personal information network to his client.
The technology used combines state of the art PDAs or SmartPhones with
appropriate Bluetooth-based infrastructure to deliver the content using a
multi-channel approach. The multi-channel delivery (via sound, text,
pictures or animation) ensures that the information can be accessed both by
people with and without disabilities. The personalisation of the network for
each and every user guarantees custom-made information distribution.
Personal Service Net Overview:

Based on a pilot service established in Berlin, Germany, the TOURMOBIL
project will determine, in its market validation phase, if and how this
eService can be deployed in other European cities.

Pumacy Technologies AG:
Technology provider with the goal to start deployment of the developed
technical solution throughout Europe.
Senate of the City of Berlin:
Content provider for the testbed in Berlin, interested in presenting the
German capital as the first eCity in Europe.

Other City councils interested in establishing such an eService for

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